Sportsman’s Warehouse Coming to Brentwood in Late Summer

Press Release


WEST JORDAN, Utah — Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings, Inc. (“Sportsman’s” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SPWH),, today announced plans to open new stores in Parker, Colorado, Brentwood, California and Corona, California this year.

Local residents in these locations will soon be able to experience the Company’s well-known, high level of customer service and quality, brand-name hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, apparel, and footwear merchandise in person at each store.

“As we continue to grow our brand and business, we are excited to expand our presence in Colorado and California. We look forward to offering our huge selection of high-quality merchandise, backed by our guaranteed, everyday low prices and local expertise to three new communities in these states,” stated Jon Barker, Sportsman’s CEO. “While we continue to expand in northern California with our Brentwood location, our new store in Corona will be our first store in Southern California. After the grand opening celebrations, we will have a total of 13 stores in California and 7 in Colorado.”

These new stores are planned to open in 2020: Parker in February, Brentwood in August and Corona in October. Soon, local residents in these markets will be able to:

  • Access an assortment of over 60,000 region-specific items accompanied by unsurpassed levels of customer service;
  • Have fun and learn new skills with unique workshops, demonstrations and seminars for the entire family; and
  • Enjoy grand opening celebrations with giveaways, doorbuster sales and more!

“While other competitors de-emphasize or exit the space, Sportsman’s continues to opportunistically open new stores and grow our business through both ecommerce and store locations. We look forward to serving these communities through providing outstanding gear and exceptional service to inspire outdoor memories,” continued Barker.

The three new locations in Parker, Brentwood and Corona are Sportsman’s first announced store openings in 2020 with additional openings likely to be announced in the near future. Including the three new locations, Sportsman’s will have a total of 107 stores in 27 states.

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About Sportsman’s Warehouse Holdings, Inc.
Founded in 1986, Sportsman’s Warehouse is now the largest outdoor specialty retailer based in the Western United States and Alaska. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, we ensure you will always find quality, brand-name hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, apparel, and footwear merchandise in a local and convenient shopping environment. And with everyday low prices, passionate, friendly and knowledgeable associates, and educational in-store seminars and events, you’ll enjoy a memorable outdoor experience. For more information, visit


  1. Keep the guns away from our town.
    Brentwood does not need a gun selling store, so close to our schools. That is stupid.

    • Tracy it’s a sporting goods store, guns are the smallest section of goods sold. It’s a majority camping, fishing, and clothing. Please don’t be mean just because it isn’t something you enjoy.

    • Tracy, do you have a clue as to the process that one must go through to purchase a firearm in California? It’s not like kids can walk in a buy a gun. What is stupid is knee-jerk responses based on emotions instead of facts.

    • Um, Tracy, Please give an example of someone murdered by a gun purchased at a Sporting Goods Store. Hello?

  2. Keep the guns away from our town.
    Brentwood does not need a gun selling store, so close to our schools. That is stupid.

    • “Brentwood does not need a gun selling store, so close to our schools.” <—– That is stupid.

      There, I fixed it for you.

  3. That’s great but where do parents/participants go for all the youth/adult sports needs (baseball, soccer, football, etc. in our area…. Concord, Pleasant Hill??? Besides inconvenience, just wrong.

  4. How do you think anything works? You have to be 21 to buy a firearm. You think kids are going to stop by after school and buy one?

    There’s already Glaser’s in Brentwood. There are several other firearm dealers minutes away in Antioch.

    If you want to live somewhere only cops have guns try immigrating somewhere without the 2nd. You despise this nation and it’s values.

  5. Those evil guns will jump out and get you !!
    Honestly , people get dumber by the day!!
    Outlaw food too! That diabetes is a killer!!!

  6. I just got my enhanced conceal carry permit. 8 hour class, fire 100 rounds to show you can handle a fire arm and some background checks and about $80.00 now I can carry my firearms in almost any state. Did I mention I moved from Komifornia 3 years ago? The great thing is that where you can have firearms the crime rate is low. Because you never know who is packing and who isn’t. Why are a chance, get a job. By the way the people in our new state are much more friendly and happier than the people of that god forsaken shit hole Komifornia! I was born and raised in California used to be a great state!

  7. you lucky dogs,they sell first rate goods there,love my Sportsman Warehouse in Twin Falls Idaho.

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