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Senator Cortese Commends Regional Action Plan to Reduce Homelessness in the Bay Area by 75% in 3 Years

by ECT

All Home released a new Regional Action Plan this week to bring together all nine Bay Area counties in an effort to house unsheltered people indoors and reduce the number of people becoming homeless. The plan is put forth by the Regional Impact Council (RIC) convened by All Home in April 2020.

The RIC is composed of an unprecedented coalition of Bay Area regional elected officials, city and county staff, leaders from business, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and affordable housing and advocacy organizations. These leaders met regularly over the course of 12 months and worked together to create this Regional Action Plan to house 75% of the Bay Area’s unsheltered population by 2024.

Senator Dave Cortese (D-San Jose), who served on the Regional Impact Council and co-chaired the Measure A affordable housing bond campaign in Santa Clara County, says: “By prioritizing both transitional shelter and permanent housing along with preventative services, this plan takes a regional and integrated approach to tackle one of the greatest challenges we face in the Bay Area with the urgency it requires.”

The Regional Action Plan includes an initial focus on extremely low-income residents with racial equity at the center of the effort. It recommends a new, integrated approach to planning and allocating resources, with simultaneous provision of Interim Housing to house and stabilize people currently living outdoors, a range of flexible Permanent Housing options, including rental subsidies to ensure long-term stability for formerly homeless people, and Homelessness Prevention measures, such as financial assistance and legal services for at-risk families facing eviction, to dramatically reduce the number of people entering homelessness in the Bay Area.

Learn more about the Regional Action Plan here: http://www.allhomeca.org/regionalactionplan/

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Lee Lawrence Apr 16, 2021 - 2:30 am

California could reduce the homeless population immediately by purchasing them one-way tickets on GREYHOUND and returning them the states which sent them here. Let those states take the financial responsibility to deal with them. Why are we always being stuck with our tax dollars being used to handle this? OPERATION BUS THERAPY was employed that 80% of the nation’s homeless wound up here. Now, we have to put OPERATION HOMEWARD BOUND in motion!

Dawn Apr 18, 2021 - 1:49 pm

This is true! Returning these people to their own states would solve the problem. Let their states take the responsibility for them instead of making them a financial and social burden for someone else! Their people even brag about how their homeless are no loner THEIR problem, but now California’s problem! Thanks A LOT!

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