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Senate Republicans Call for Swift Veto of Drug Den Bill

Press Release

by ECT
Senator Scott Wilk

The legislation allows for the operation of drug dens in LA and San Francisco Counties

SACRAMENTOSenate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) and all members of the Senate Republican Caucus are calling on Governor Newsom to swiftly veto Senate Bill 57, which would authorize several California cities to operate drug dens.

The veto letter signed by all Senate Republicans can be downloaded here.

“Instead of focusing on a strategy to help people get their lives back, get off drugs and into treatment, California Democrats focus on giving people free needles and a safe place to shoot up,” Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk said after the bill passed. “This is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation that I’ve seen sent to the governor. Leaving people on the streets in squalor, rather than getting them help, shows zero compassion.”

Wilk points out that there is a drug addiction crisis in California and says it is irresponsible for Legislative Democrats to advocate for drug dens, adding that these are the wrong priorities. Instead, California must focus efforts on rehabilitation, counseling, and other alternatives, including treatment protocols.

“The legislature must work in tandem with law enforcement to get illicit drugs off our streets and hold drug dealers accountable for the lives they ruin,” Leader Wilk said. “SB 57 doesn’t do that and could ultimately result in innocent people becoming victims to the crimes and hazards surrounding drug abuse.”

Senate Democrats passed SB 57 on August 1 with all Senate Republicans voting no. The bill is now headed to the governor either for his veto or signature to become law.

Senate Republicans urge the public to call the governor and request a veto of Senate Bill 57. Californians can call 916-445-2841 to tell the governor to REJECT this dangerous bill.

Editors note:

On August 1, Senate Bill 57 was approved in a 21-11 vote with Senator Steve Glazer joining republicans in voting against the bill.  The bill was originally introduced back in December of 2020 but was delayed several times.

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