Rio Vista Police Release Bodycam Footage of Cop Body Slamming Female


You decide, is this excessive force or extreme patience by officers given the circumstances of the traffic stop.



  1. Good job Rio Vista Police. Officers should not have to deal with such disrespect and family members showing up to a police scene for something as simple as registration. Great restraint and thank you for asking.

  2. Good job Rio Vista police is correct. The disrespect is par for the course. It’s commonly knows as ghetto mentality.

    • More like ghetto trash! The cops weren’t tough enough with this mouthy POS! He should have TAZED her fatass!

  3. Good job RV PD. Just doing their job. Don’t like to see anyone body slammed but shut up listen up and stay in your car. Act like a fool you have to know what is going to happen.

    • Well, Karen! This one truly deserved to be slammed. Maybe the cow will think the next time she starts to mouth off. But thinking for her might really be a stretch!

  4. When the police pull you over, you DO AS THEY TELL YOU! You do NOT mouth off to them! Just STFU and listen! Don’t tell me what to do! Stay off your damn cell phone! These officers showed tremendous restraint!

  5. Hate to be the one to say it, but just because the officers feeling got hurt doesn’t mean he’s allowed to handle the situation in the manner he did. I understand the victim was trashy and I agree with what the cop did but it’s still no way to treat a person who hasn’t done anything wrong. Regardless of what people’s opinions are she didn’t really do anything.

  6. Dumb bitch had it coming. All she had to do was stay away from the officers. Better yet, pay the registration like most people do and you wouldn’t have been pulled over in the first place. Good job PD for trying to keep it simple. Bitches made it worse by acting like some dam fools! Captain save a hoe, go save them hoes and show them how to act. They really did do something wrong!

  7. As ghetto as ghetto can get. Try acting human. They have nobody to blame but themselves. Act like a savage get treated like a savage.

  8. The officers showed great restraint. It is unacceptable for other “friends/family” to show up while others have been stopped. These people clearly had no respect for law enforcement. Things could have went a lot better for them had they only cooperated.

  9. DA
    The District Attorney has declined to file charges against anyone of the arrestees. You idiots know why? Because none of it was warranted!! Rio Vista “will” settle out of court.

    • An ounce of prevention!!
      Small price to pay for the word to get out to these ghetto turds to stay away from RV.

    • I hope to hell Rio Vista doesn’t “settle” out-of-court like cities traditionally do. Rio Vista should make these scumbags “an offer they cannot refuse,” namely, if they try to engage that ambulance chaser (Burris), then Rio Vista will sue the scumbags for felonious assault on their officers and taking up the officers’ time which could be used on other more important calls. They can take their pick. NEVER settle with these animals. Never! No matter what it takes! Settling just encourages more idiotic behavior.

  10. They got they deserved,,their from the 510 area what are they doing in Rio Vista….clear as day they were told to stay back or get into their car an nope they got ratchet…That prune didn’t fall to far from the tree the mama should have taught them better

  11. I just witnessed clear evidence in the failure of the education of this entire family. What they, and all of the rest of us, needed from Middle School and High School is courses on our justice system. What a disservice to society! Even I knew from an early age how to communicate to the Police, I still was naïve about how this all worked from a simple traffic stop to hanging with the wrong crowd. As for the Officers, I saw empathetic humans turned to brief animals in reaction to the unstable behavior of some family members and of the growing threat of additional family members coming to the seen.

    • Antioch-Pittsburg! I seriously doubt any of these people got any education. They probably sat in a classroom but the material went in-one-ear-and-out-the-other and the teachers wanted them out of there fast so those who wanted to learn could have the chance. This group we watched is the lowest-of-the-low.

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