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Rep. McNerney Continues to Urge for Investment in Clean Water Infrastructure

by ECT

Wednesday on the Floor of the House of the Representatives, Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-09) stressed for the second time how crucial it is to invest in the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRF), especially when California is facing a severe drought crisis.

The Congressman spoke in reference to the Interior and EPA Appropriations bill, which would cut SRF funding, debated in Congress today.

As Congressman McNerney said, “Clean and safe water is essential for homes, farmers, energy producers and manufacturers. These funds help finance projects that treat domestic sewage, capture storm-water runoff and deliver drinking water to homes and business… Cutting the SRF Cutting the SRF programs will have a crippling effect on our communities’ ability to meet water needs. Republicans say that they support drought relief, but in reality, they cut desperately needed funds for both these programs — a 23% cut in the House Interior and EPA Appropriations bill being debated today. Congress must provide the necessary funding to maintain our nation’s aging water infrastructure.”

You can read the Congressman’s prepared remarks attached or watch them here: https://youtu.be/0qMy7p22kwY.

Congressman McNerney first raised the importance of supporting SRF in June 2015. You can watch those remarks here: https://youtu.be/fNVo9Dxrz9A.

On July 3rd, the following Press Release was issued:

Antioch, CA – Recognizing that water recycling is a critical part of a larger, comprehensive approach to addressing California’s drought crisis, Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-09) Thursday announced that he would introduce legislation calling on Congress to authorize 27 additional regional water recycling projects.

To highlight this announcement, Rep. McNerney toured Delta Diablo, the site for one of the water recycling projects he believes needs to be authorized.

“I’m calling on Congress and introducing legislation to authorize more regional water projects – because expanding water recycling is one component of a comprehensive solution needed to address California’s long-term drought challenges,” said Rep. Jerry McNerney. “In this extreme drought, California communities a struggling to conserve the limited water available. That’s why it’s important to continue investing in water recycling technologies that treat wastewater and augment current supplies.  Funding these projects creates additional water supplies available to ease pressure off the Delta, irrigate public spaces, grow crops, increase the potable water supply, and support environmental restoration.”

These 27 projects, when funded, can provide over 100,000 acre feet of new water – enough water to meet the needs for over half a million residents.  These water projects need Congressional authorization in order to compete for Title XVI construction funds through the Bureau of Reclamation.

“We thank Congressman McNerney for his leadership in introducing legislation which will proactively support new drought-tolerant water sources while protecting the Delta.” said Gary Darling, spokesperson for the Western Recycled Water Coalition.

Developing recycled water reduces dependence on Delta supplies. Recycled water projects like Delta Diablo improve water supply reliability, and reduce wastewater discharge into the fragile Bay-Delta environment.

When constructed, the Delta Diablo Recycled Water Project will provide more than 4,000 acre-feet per year of recycled water to municipal, commercial, and industrial users in Antioch and Pittsburg – equivalent to meeting the water needs of 16,000 households.

“I was disappointed when House Republicans recently offered up their water plan because it once again simply panders to South Valley water users by proposing more water south, but will not move us forward. We need to look at bold, forward-thinking solutions that use new technology and scientific advancements to improve the management and conservation of California’s water supply. This will better prepare communities for severe drought conditions in the future,” added Rep. McNerney.

List of 27 Water Recycling Projects

  • Benicia recycled water project to Valero refinery
  • Brentwood recycled water project
  • Central Dublin recycled water distribution and retrofit project
  • Central Redwood City recycled water project
  • Concord recycled water project
  • Contra Costa County refinery recycled water project, phase 1
  • Delta Diablo recycled water project
  • Delta Diablo high purity water treatment facility
  • Dublin recycled water expansion project
  • Fresno east central recycled water facility
  • Fresno downtown recycled water distribution
  • Fresno southwest recycled water distribution
  • Hayward recycled water project
  • Ironhouse Sanitary District Cypress recycled water project
  • Ironhouse Sanitary District industrial recycled water project
  • Ironhouse Sanitary District direct potable reuse project
  • Monterey peninsula groundwater replenishment project, phase 1
  • Mountain View recycled water project.
  • North Valley regional recycled water project
  • Palo Alto recycled water pipeline project
  • Pleasanton recycled water project
  • Potable Reuse in Santa Clara County, phase 1
  • San Jose Water Company recycled water project
  • Sunnyvale continuous recycled water production project
  • West Bay Sanitary District Recycled Water Project
  • Wolfe Road recycled water project
  • Yountville recycled water project

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