Rep. DeSaulnier’s Statement on Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s Announcing “Indefinitely Idling” Martinez Refinery


Walnut Creek, CA – Today, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) made the following statement in response to the announcement by Marathon Petroleum Corporation that it will “indefinitely idle” its Martinez refinery and convert it to a terminal facility.

“This move is a big loss for our workforce and potentially the economy. That is why, before the pandemic hit and had a drastic impact on energy production, I started convening labor unions, environmental groups, and local governments to talk about how we prepare for a shift to sustainable energy and renewables in Contra Costa. The transition needs to be as successful as possible for everyone and we cannot leave workers behind – they need to be guaranteed meaningful and comparable work. I will continue to bring together stakeholders to support workers, our community, and the environment and improve Contra Costa’s energy assets.”

Editors Note — the following announcement came from Marathon Petroleum Corporation on Friday.

On July 31, we informed employees at our Martinez and Gallup refineries that we will indefinitely idle these facilities with no plans to restart normal operations. As part of these changes, Martinez will be converted to a terminal facility. We are also evaluating the strategic repositioning of Martinez to a renewable diesel facility, which aligns with California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standards objectives and MPC’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Indefinite idling unfortunately means most jobs at these refineries will no longer be necessary, and we expect to begin a phased reduction of staffing levels in October. We do not anticipate supply disruptions in these regions, and we will continue to utilize our integrated system to meet customer commitments. – Source


  1. Please just stop with the grandstanding. It just makes you look really desperate. Yes, the closing will have a huge impact on our local economy, but not our supply as Marathon reiterated in their press release. However, this had absolutely nothing to do with whatever thoughts you had prior to the lockdown forcing so many employers to shut their doors. Just looking for praise I suppose. Sad

    • What’s most depressing is that our tax dollars pay for the Congressional staff spindoctors these politicians hire to belch forth this stuff.

  2. Dear Mark DeSaulnier, you are so clueless, this is only the beginning of your pangs of distress, you laid the negative energy and now you will reap what spews from your mouth. You have done nothing for the past few years, you should have seen this coming, and there is more to follow. So what plans do you have to help fix this? oh yeah right you have no plan!!! you are to busy blaming everyone else for your problems. Grow up resign and go away…

  3. Hes a fucking asshat..made that all about himself. The “ green economy” has crap jobs paying barrly above minimum

  4. Mark thinks at the snap of his grandstanding everything will convert to green energy. What will you do if the far left shuts all refineries down Mark? Blame it on Trump ? This county will be bankrupt within a couple years. Screw your head on correctly, the green deal will destroy the nation. No cows, no cheese, no oil, no gas, no planes, no space travel, no burgers, no roads, and everything else is free, free, free……
    Everything will be so free there will be no one to make the free stuff.

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