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Pure Comedy: Ricky Gill’s First Resume

by ECT

I have to tip my hat to the Democrats for putting out a fabulous piece which questions Ricky Gill’s experience and qualifications to run for Congress.  They published a website called “My First Resume by Ricky Gill” which is clever and provides a nice laugh–but also provides many links behind each talking point with much substance.

Here is the website with the actual resume or you can read it below. 25-year old Ricky Gill is taking on Rep. Jerry McNerney in the 9th Congressional District race.

My First Resume
By Ricky Gill

I am currently 25
When I started running for Congress I was “not even old enough to serve — yet”

GOAL : After spending the last seven years off at college in New Jersey and law school in Berkeley, I just moved back to the area, and I’m looking for work.


“Director”, CVR Management, Age 25
• At first I told the FEC I was a student, but then mom and dad gave me a fancy title for their business. I get a salary AND they help bankroll my campaign. It’s a pretty sweet gig!

Farmer, Age 25
• Shot a campaign commercial on my parents’ farm

Research Consultant Assistant, Educational Testing Service, Age 23
• I had to change my title from consultant after my former supervisor told a reporter that I was only a research assistant

State Board of Education, Student Representative, Age 19
• Made a “huge difference” in California schools by attending 13 meetings of the California Board of Education after Dad gave Governor Schwarzenegger $2,000

Beverage Export Specialist, King 888
• I wrote on my website that I had experience in “beverage exports,” but I really just interned for my brother

Tutor, KIPP Academy, Age 24
• Volunteered twice as a tutor, but that counts right?


Law School, Age 25
University of California, Berkeley
Graduated 2012
“Gill is 25 years old, barely old enough to run for Congress…and just graduated from law school at UC Berkeley”

Undergraduate Degree, Age 23
Princeton University, New Jersey
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Graduated 2009
“I credit Princeton a lot for putting me in a position to even contemplate [running for Congress].”

High School, Age 19
Tokay High School
Graduated in 2005


Kindergarten, St. Anne’s School
• Principal’s Medal

Grades 4-6
• Spelling Bee (First and Second Place Finishes)

Grade 8
• Special Communications Award

Grade 9
• Student of the Month (January and February)

Of course, according to the Contra Costa Times, Colin Hunter put out the following statement for the Gill campaign.

“Voters aren’t buying Jerry McNerney’s tired and misleading campaign attacks. The Stockton Record recently concluded that McNerney was making ‘false’ claims in his advertisements. This amateurish website is just more of the same.

“We’re happy to talk about experience in this campaign. McNerney’s experience includes voting for record-setting, trillion dollar deficits; taking contributions from the predatory lenders he bailed out; lying to voters about where he lives; and totally failing to defend our communities from the threat posed by Governor Brown’s peripheral tunnels.

“By contrast, Ricky actually has the experience of living in the district he seeks to represent; of serving with distinction on the State Board of Education; of volunteering his time at local hospitals and homeless shelters; and of working in agriculture and small business.”

I’d like to point out to Mr. Hunter, who like Mr. Gill, is not telling the entire story about what the Stockton Record recently said. The paper stated that its basically going both ways and Gill is blaming McNerney for unemployment, high gas prices, rising debt and increasing cost of health premiums while suggesting that McNerney is responsible for every perceived failure of the federal government.  Here is the exact text.

Painting your opponent in a bad light is as old as democracy. In the high-stakes McNerney-Gill race, it goes both ways.

The Gill campaign has created a website it calls the McNerney Middle Class Squeeze.

On it, the incumbent is obliquely blamed for unemployment, high gas prices, rising debt and the increasing cost of health premiums.

The examples – and the tone – suggest that McNerney is responsible for every perceived failure of the federal government.

And both candidates are flooding mailboxes with fliers proclaiming their strengths: McNerney on veterans issues and Gill on his local business and agricultural background.

It should be an entertaining month as Nov. 6 nears.

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Rob Saw Oct 9, 2012 - 9:09 am

This is pretty darn funny. No way should a 25 year old ever serve in Congress. I am 28 and no where near ready.

JimSimmons42 Oct 9, 2012 - 9:17 am

This gave me a good chuckle. Ricky Gill is the class clown of all the candidates running for congress.

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