Public Health Advisory Issued for Fire and Heavy Smoke in Bay Point Sunday Night


At 11:15 pm Sunday, the Contra Costa Health Services issued a public health advisory in Bay Point after a vegetation fire broke out at 8:28 pm off N. Broadway and Suisun Ave.

Aside from the advisory, no further information was provided.

Public Health Advisory for fire and heavy smoke in Bay Point.

This message is from Contra Costa Health Services. This is a public health advisory for the area of North Broadway near the intersection of Suisun Avenue in Bay Point. Due to smoke from a vegetation fire, people with respiratory sensitivities may be affected. Most people will not be affected. Eye, skin, nose or throat irritation may be possible for some people in the affected area. If people experience any irritation, advise them to go inside and rinse any irritated area of their body with water. Handle this as advisory information only.