Pleasant Hill Police Issue Update After Sunday Protests and Looting

Press Release


The following message was issued by the Pleasant Hill Police Department regarding the events that occurred in both the City of Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek:


On Sunday, May 31st, Pleasant Hill Police responded to reports of roving groups of people seeking opportunities to commit thefts (loot) in our town. We had been monitoring and assisting with similar activity in Walnut Creek, and we quickly mobilized our patrol units to move throughout Pleasant Hill, with special attention to our shopping centers and major retailers, which have been targets of vandalism in other cities. Additional officers were called in to assist, along with other personnel to help respond to phone calls and address concerns on social media. There were no organized peaceful protests or demonstrations observed in our community.

Beginning with Best Buy at about 6:00 PM, we had four different businesses burglarized and one attempted burglary. In each burglary, entry was made by way of windows smashed by multiple suspects. There were approximately 100 people involved in the Best Buy looting incident.

The other burglaries occurred at a Verizon store, Estate Consignments and Sprint. Additionally, an attempted burglary occurred at Pleasant Hill Coin and Jewelry. Our officers made multiple arrests in two of the four burglaries and took six people into custody as a result. There were no acts of violence committed against any people and no reported injuries to suspects or officers.

By about 11:30 pm, arrests were made and our community was stable and calm. This remained so for the duration of the night, with no additional reports or threats of burglaries or vandalism received.

Additional protests are planned in downtown Walnut Creek again today (June 1). We have deployed additional officers here in town to patrol our streets into the evening and early morning hours. We recognize and enthusiastically support the inalienable right to gather and protest. We believe safeguarding constitutional rights and liberties is one of our highest callings. We remain hopeful that the demonstrations taking place in our region will be peaceful. We will have officers ready protect those exercising their the first amendment rights. Just as import, our officers stand ready to protect all of our residents, visitors and businesses from those who would seek to commit crimes.

Last night (May 31) City Manager and Director of Emergency Services, June Catalano, imposed a curfew that went into effect on from 9:30 p.m. until 5:30 a.m. this morning. Today, Ms. Catalano will update the curfew hours from 7:00 p.m., until 5:30 a.m. The goal of the curfew is to keep our community safe during this challenging event. We are thankful to Ms. Catalano for her leadership and taking this step to help safeguard all who live, work and visit Pleasant Hill.

We are forever grateful for the support of our community and are as committed today as we ever have been in partnering with you and building and maintaining your collective and individual trust. This is our mission and we will continuously strive to accomplish.

Thank you again Pleasant Hill for your support. Be Safe and know that your police department will be here every step of the way as we move forward as a community and a nation.


  1. Fuck you and your curfew!!! How about you do you damn jobs and deploy more support to keep the “regular” citizens safe. Why the fuck do we have to suffer from the ignorance of terrorist groups, BLM groups should be classified as a terrorist group. They run around the streets with stupid signs and loot stores. They should be shot onsight

    • Dave, your passionate desire to invoke state power to actually kill your fellow citizens is the root of this whole problem. If it wasn’t for old, scared, privileged classists like you spending every tax dollar to buff up our police we wouldn’t be in this mess. Your complacency and closeted racism is what has caused all this. Don’t blame the foot for kicking when the knee is getting hit. Your prognosis is the symptoms of centuries of denial and hypocrisy.

      • The problem with our police is that they’re not tough enough with the criminal element we have coming from certain segment of the population.

      • Denial of what? Where does hypocrisy fit into this? Care to explain? Give some examples?

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Looters should be shot on sight! No questions asked! No piddle-farting around! No more “Mr. Nice Guy”

      • Dave & Renata, you two are prime examples of the hypocrisy and complacency in America that has brought us to this current crossroads. Shoot looters? Why not shoot the corporate Wall Street cronies that steal from the American people daily? Why not kill those who are actually killing our people in the streets? Your anger and vitriol are misdirected, uneducated, and duped inevitably by the pipsqueak mentality of the current Cabinet and its masses of pasty defenders.

        • No, Pastor Maynard, my anger is not misdirected! Your’s is. Uneducated? I have a PhD in International Relations from Stanford (with a specialty in Russo/American geopolitics). It is YOUR brethren who are causing havoc and perpetrating crimes more than any other racial group! You’re the one in denial!

        • The corporate Wall Street “cronies” are not descending on us while we’re on BART or other transport and beating up and stealing peoples’ property! Those corporate “cronies” are not looting our businesses and vandalizing! They are not stealing packages off our porches! They are making us wealthy and comfortable by dealing in stocks in which we put our hard-earned dollars.

          It seems that there are YOUR people and OUR people. It’s your people who are committing crimes against ours.

        • Just so you know, good Pastor. our anger is directed toward the scum the police are dispensing with. The police should hunt down and dispense with all criminals via the courts, if they can. Thank God for our hardworking police officers!

    • Criminals are using the excuse of the demise of that George Floyd for trying to bring this country down. Autopsies on this guy showed that he had hypertensive heart disease, fentanyl intoxication and resent cocaine and methamphetamine use.

      What’s funny is that the coroner said, “Other than that, he was in good health.” LMAO!

      According to relatives in MN, Derek Chauvin has hired some top legal teams which will show that he and Floyd knew each other and Floyd was dealing in illegal drugs and counterfeit bills.

    • When I read your comments it occurs to me that the real threat to society comes from ignorant white people. Which is almost an oxymoron. The real terrorists among us are the penis envying, gun toting, inadequate white people who seem frustrated that their decision to ignore their education has put them in jeopardy of losing their precious white-privileged lifestyle

  2. Thank you for the update! The message makes the scope of the problem clear and shows a respectful and measured response – exactly what we need.

    I am grateful for the job the police are doing here. Violence begets violence. Without the constraint they are showing it could easily escalate out of control – which is just what opportunistic looters would like.
    The curfew is a great help to the police seeking to protect lives and property. It makes plain who does not belong in the area.
    As the old saying goes, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The businesses are literally glass houses. No more stones or bullets please.

    • Stores will be redesigning their facilities to exclude all glass and make it look like the COSTCO stores but with triple reinforced entrances. The exteriors will be treated with a coating of resin which will make spry paint unable to stick to it. It looks like the scum couldn’t get into Tiffany’s because they reinforced their front door after it was run into with a truck by some Oakland resident a few years ago. The perp was caught.

  3. Don’t blame BLM. Blame yourselves! And for the record…look close…these anarchists and nuts are your damn kids!!! After they get all this shit started they go home and listen to your racists rants. Let that sit in and marinate for a minute.

    • None of my kids are involved because we raised them right. They are disgusted by what they see looters do as are their friends. They even brought up ideas what to do with looters, but I can’t post them here.

  4. I am so deeply saddened by the comments on this site. George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight, on video, surrounded by witnesses. If that doesn’t anger you more than windows being broken, then you have a fundamental problem in the core of who you are. Human life is precious, created by God, and should be honored and valued. Things can be replaced.
    I am pretty sure that if that was your son, your brother, your father, or your husband that literally had the life crushed out of him by another man, you would be angry enough to break a few things. Racism is alive and well in our world and it is heartbreaking to see people is total denial of the real problem.

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