Pleasant Hill Police Investigating Attempted Bank Robbery

Information Release by Pleasant Hill PD

Photos provided by Pleasant Hill PD

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at approximately 12:48 pm PHPD officers responded to the report of an attempted robbery at the Chase Bank located within the Pleasant Hill Plaza shopping center at 1898 Contra Costa Blvd.

Officers determined the suspect passed a note, demanding cash. No weapons were seen or mentioned and the suspect ultimately fled when no money was provided. No vehicle was seen.

The suspect is depicted in the photos above. He was described by witnesses as an African American male, 5’6” to 5’7″ tall, 35-50 years of age, wearing a beanie style cap, blue shirt over a white shirt, baggy blue jeans, and large frame rounded sunglasses.

This investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact the PHPD Investigations Bureau at (925)288-4630.


  1. Baggy blue jeans…imagine that! Who tries to rob a bank that has bullet proof glass…hilarious.

  2. There is a very easy way to have such bank robberies stopped dead in their tracks: In front of ever teller’s window, there should be a large circular area cut blending in with the rest of the floor ……… which, with a push of a button (foot or hands) can open up and drop the robber into an individual pit under the floor……….. there he will stay until the police come and remove him.

    • At first I thought it was going to be a dumb idea but once I finished reading……. that’s fucking BRILLIANT!!!! You should delete this thread and Paton that shit.

      • It’s not an original idea … it was discussed in the Popular Mechanics Magazine some years ago. I think it would be fun watching the would be bank robber face, as the ground underneath him opened up and DOWN HE WENT!

        • It not an original idea, nor is it a good idea. If he has a gun, and he feels himself “dropping” he could shoot up the entire bank on his way down. Money is insured, and most bank robbers are caught. Bank employees are taught to give the robber the money, and get him out of the bank for the safety of the employees and customers.

          • Think, Melanie, THINK for a change! He would drop so fast, he wouldn’t know what was happening to him. This would not be a SLOW descent . . like some slow elevator! Two seconds! Wham! He’s down!

          • Melanie? He would shoot up the bank “on his way out?” How so? The police go down the stairs below the floor and get him out through a locked door. The ONLY way he could get out is with police assistance with his hands cuffed behind his back.

          • I am thinking. I’ve worked in banking, and anyone who has ever worked in a bank knows how to handle a bank robbery. And it’s not dropping through the floor. That’s asinine. Once again, you comply with the robber, get the robber out of the bank for the safety of everyone. Money is INSURED, and most bank robbers are CAUGHT. It takes one second to fire a gun. If he drops through, he could also fire the gun at whomever once he’s down there. It’s not like he’s going to sit down there by himself forever. You’re stupid, and YOU”RE not thinking.

          • Melanie is correct. You can’t drop someone through the floor, if for no other reason – liability. He’ll sue the bank if hurt. Liability is the reason store employees don’t chase shoplifters. It’s not worth it. Anyone who thinks banks should be built with a dropdown hole is illogical. Melanie has bank procedure for a robbery down packed to a tee. You get the bank robber the hell out of the bank. Period. Drop downs in a bank IS a DUMB IDEA.

        • I’ve seen that done in other countries! The guy got the surprise of his life when he pulled a gun on a teller, next thing, he’s DROPPED through a large circular opening so fast! Didn’t know what hit him.

    • What a great idea! I work for one of the major banks and will suggest that to them. They’re thinking of remodeling. I can just visualize what you’ve described.

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