Photos: 1-Alarm Fire Destroys Discovery Bay Home Tuesday Morning


At roughly 8:52 am, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a residential structure fire on Greenfield Ct. in Discovery Bay just off Clubhouse Drive that destroyed a home.

The one-alarm fire required all five district engines (Engine 54, 59, 52, 93, 94) and by time crews arrived on scene, a car fire that started in the garage made its away into the attic and extended int the rest of the home sending a smoke cloud high into the sky that could be seen from Oakley.

Although the home was a complete loss, crews did manage to protect the two neighboring homes which back up to the golf course.

As of 2:56 pm, fire crews are still on scene.

Check back for details.


  1. Nice pictures. What we need to know now is how many other calls for service have been received by dispatch and responded to by ConFire? Or are there low priority calls pending? For the upcoming tax fight, just think we did not have the grant money to re-open the two stations? And when the money runs out…………..

  2. Great photos. Looks like the firefighters had their hands full today. I am with Barbara, how many calls did CONFIRE take to cover the District while the engines were in Discovery Bay?

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