Pew Research Shows More Adults Get Their News From Social Media Than Print


According to a new report from Pew Research Center on Monday, social media sites have surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans.

The research shows that 1 out of every 5 (about 20%) U.S. adults say they often get news via social media, slightly higher than the share who often do so from print newspapers (16%) for the first time since Pew Research Center began asking these questions. In 2017, the portion who got news via social media was about equal to the portion who got news from print newspapers.

Per Pew:

Print’s popularity only persists among those 65 and older. Among the oldest age group, about four-in-ten (39%) get news there often, but no more than 18% of any other age group do.

Online news websites are more popular among those ages 30 to 49. About four-in-ten (42%) in this age group get news often from websites and news apps. About a quarter (27%) of 18- to 29-year-olds get news from news websites, making it the second most commonly used platform for news for that age group. For these youngest adults, social media is the most popular news platform – 36% get news there often, topping news websites, TV (16%), radio (13%) and print (2%).

The report also stated TV remains the most popular.

For the full report: click here.


  1. I get all my news from news websites. I can pick and choose what I read. Except for sports and sometimes weather, I haven’t watched the news in years. No longer read the paper either. Except online.

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