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Paranormal Investigators Offer Haunted History Tours of Downtown Brentwood

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A group of local paranormal investigators are leading tours through the historic streets of downtown Brentwood. Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours is a two-hour walking tour that spins historical tales and made many spine-tingling discoveries of Brentwood’s “permanent residents,” who often participate in the tours.

The tour visits the sites of murders, suicides and alleged hauntings to seek out the supernatural.

“People are drawn to this tour because it mixes history with the unknown,” says Stephanie Dourgarian, co-founder of the tour. “A lot of people who live here don’t know the history of Brentwood, and they’re curious about the paranormal. The tour is a great time for people to spend time with friends, while exploring both history and the unknown.”

Cali Ghost Girls, a team of local paranormal investigators who lead the tour, bring professional ghost hunting equipment, which those on the tour will learn to use. They have documented evidence of paranormal activity collected on the tours, including EVP (electrovoice phenomena) recordings, EMF (electromagnetic frequency) readings and photographs with orbs and shadow figures.

The ghost hunting team knows not everyone believes in ghosts.  “We are storytellers,” says Dourgarian.  “Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, come for the history.  The historical stories this town has to tell are astounding, she says.  “We invite and encourage everyone to come, whether you believe in ghosts or not.”

Julie Garza Kost, who recently attended a tour, is planning on attending another. “The Cali Ghost Girls made this tour so exciting with their research and sharing of Brentwood’s history,” said Kost. “Listening to each story as we arrived on location helped set the stage for what we were about to experience. I was blown away that we were able to see, feel and experience first-hand the ghosts of past lives in Brentwood. It was truly an amazing, fun night.”

According to the Cali Ghost Girl team, many businesses in downtown Brentwood have had paranormal activity.

Brentwood was filled with saloons and brothels in the late 1800’s and early 1900s. Many significant events occurred, which has resulted in spirits permanently residing in these locations. Some of them are believed to actually look over and protect the building.

“Jimmie Torres is a prime example,” says Dourgarian. “Torres loved his saloon, and loved Brentwood even more. He is a guardian over Sweeneys.”

The current owner of Sweeney’s Peter Charitou, is even protective over Jimmy Torres. The tour stops at Sweeney’s where guests can share a drink with both the current owner, Peter Charitou, as well as Jimmie Torres, one of the previous owners, who has been seen sitting at the first or last stool at the bar.

According to Charitou, Jimmie leaves a dime and a penny wherever he sits, letting everyone know he’s still up for a game of cards.

Sweeney’s isn’t the only business in downtown Brentwood with a permanent resident. Some businesses have actually contacted the Cali Ghost Girls team looking for answers. When the group receives a call regarding paranormal activity, they first investigate the historical significance of the property and its owners. Then they conduct a private investigation.

“This means our tour can change at any time,” says Tammy Ikokea, tour guide and co-founder of Cali Ghost Girls. “You’d be shocked at how much history still resides in these buildings and communicates back to you.”

The ghost hunting team says businesses in downtown Brentwood are excited about the tour.  The Brentwood Historic Walking Tours team spoke with each business owner, who responded enthusiastically to being part of the tour.

“We bring people into downtown Brentwood who have never been here,” says Ikokea.  “We’ve had people on the tour from Sacramento, Modesto, Antioch, and Pittsburg.”

According to Ikokea, the tour begins at CoCo County Wine Company, where most of those on the tour begin the evening with a glass of wine.  “People are impressed when they find out Brentwood has a gorgeous wine tasting room,” says Ikokea.  “Most people comment that they never knew this was here.”

Becky Bloomfield, owner of CoCo County Wine Company says the tour mixes “the charm of downtown, with the diversity of the shops and the history of Brentwood.”

“When we visit each business we connect the past to the present,” says Dourgarian. One of the tours stops is Moxy, a boutique in downtown Brentwood.  Moxy has become the stylist for Cali Ghost Girls, who lead the tours.  They wear Moxy’s eclectic scarves and rhinestone studded jeans, which catch the eyes of those on the tour.  Moxy’s owner even gives Moxy Bucks to tour guests as the group leaves.

Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours is also planning special event tours for full moons, upcoming Friday the 13ths, Ghosts of Christmas Past, as well as nights where instead of touring various locations – the tour investigates one location for a “lockdown” investigation.

The tour will also be expanding to other cities.  If any business owners in the area are interested they can contact the group at:  [email protected].

Tours are $15 per person and are about two hours in length. Special events will have different rates. Guests are encouraged to dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes, as it is a walking tour.

The next tour dates are Wednesday, November 20th and Friday, November 22nd at 6:15pm. There are a limited number of spots per tour. You can also book your own private group tour. Group tours cost $200 for a group of 10 or $300 for 20 people.

For more information or to reserve your tour, visit Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/BrentwoodHistoricGhostTours. You can also visit their website at www.brentwoodhistoricghosttours.com.

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By Amy Schrader
Email: [email protected]

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Sarah Nov 20, 2013 - 10:41 am

Sounds awesome

Linda Vaughan Nov 20, 2013 - 8:51 pm

My son and I have been on quite a few investigations and have also assisted in “cross overs”. We’d enjoy going on one of your tours. However, I work Friday night thru Monday mornings, so if you offer any tours during the week, count us in!

Tammy Ikeoka Nov 21, 2013 - 10:50 am

Linda we will be having weeknight tours as well. Please like our Brentwood Historic Ghost Tours facebook page and we will keep the tour dates updated on there. You can also find us at http://www.brentwoodhistoricghosttours.com
Thanks and look forward to seeing you on the tour. ~Tammy Ikeoka

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