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Order Free COVID Test Kits from Contra Costa County for the Holidays

Press Release

by ECT

Contra Costa residents can now get free at-home COVID test kits from Contra Costa Health (CCH) through a new mail-order program.

People can order up to 4 free at-home test kits per household by filling out this online form or by calling us at 833-829-2626. There are two tests in each kit. CCH will mail the kits directly to people’s homes within approximately 5-7 business days. You must be a Contra Costa County resident to be eligible.

“We want these test kits to be a staple in people’s medicine cabinets like aspirin or band-aids,” said Dr. Sofe’ Mekuria, deputy health officer for the County. “Testing gives people the information they need to make healthy choices and reduce the spread of COVID, especially during the winter holiday season when families and friends gather indoors.”

Health officials strongly recommend people get tested if they feel sick or if they’re planning to attend a large indoor gathering. Anyone who tests positive for COVID, even if they don’t have symptoms, should isolate at home. See our COVID-19 Patients & Contacts page for more information about what to do if you test positive.

The County’s mail-order program will run through the holidays and perhaps longer depending on our supply of at-home test kits.

Contra Costa residents also can pick up free at-home test kits at county libraries. People can also get free test kits through their healthcare providers. For more information, visit our Home Tests page.

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