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Official Write In Candidate For Mayor Of Brentwood

by ECT

Brentwood, Ca — The residents of Brentwood now have an official choice for Mayor.  Aldo Ghiozzi, 16-year resident of Brentwood, father of two and local businessman, officially filed paperwork today to have his name accepted as a write in candidate for Mayor of Brentwood.  Mayor Bob Taylor was previously running unopposed.

“Your vote now counts when you fill in that bubble and write in my name on that line”, said Ghiozzi.  He continued, “People should have a choice for their elected officials, and this is exactly what voting is all about.  Since the deadline to be on the ballot was past, I still wanted to bring this to the surface with the hopes that other Brentwood residents agree.”

Annette Beckstrand, former three term City of Brentwood council member said, “I am excited to see someone with Aldo’s background in business leadership and development step up to the ballot to run for Mayor.  He truly represents a choice in leadership for Brentwood residents.  Not only is a write in vote for Aldo a valid and worthwhile vote, he intends to sign each of his paychecks from his service as Mayor, back over to local non-profits for the entire duration of his term of service.  Options don’t get better than that.”

Ghiozzi’s focus is that the community should know it is their right to have a choice for any political office, in addition focusing on establishing term limits for the position of Mayor, and concentrate resources to incentivize local residents to start local businesses so their time on the road is reduced.

For those interested in learning more about Aldo Ghiozzi and his goals for Brentwood, email him at[email protected], call on (925) 240-0862 or follow the group on Facebook under “Write In Aldo Ghiozzi For Brentwood Mayor”.


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Ben Smith Oct 17, 2016 - 5:00 pm

Nope. Should have filed before the deadline. We are stuck with Mayor Bob

B-Wood Oct 17, 2016 - 11:08 pm

Yep, I agree. Why didn’t this guy file on time? He would have stood a chance. Now all he can hope to get is protest votes. Mayor Bob has got to go, but this isn’t going to work.

Stuck with Mayor Bob is an understatement. Can’t believe it.

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