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Official Results Are Certified in Contra Costa County For the June 7 Primary Election

Press Release

by ECT

Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder-Registrar Debi Cooper certified the results of the June 7, 2022 Primary Election today.

“Our elections team has been preparing for and administering elections nonstop since early 2021.  We’ve conducted several special elections that overlapped with preparations for the primary election,” Cooper said. “I am proud of the incredible effort of our team and thankful for our temporary workers and volunteers who dedicated their time during a continuing pandemic to provide excellent service to our constituents.  It is an honor to certify this well-run, transparent, and fair election.”

The Elections Division conducted the canvass to complete the official counting of all qualified ballots and to perform audits to assure our equipment performed as expected. The purpose of the canvass accomplishes four primary tasks: ensuring that every eligible ballot is counted, ensuring that voters only voted once, ensuring that proper procedures were followed on Election Day, and ensuring the vote tabulation system is properly counting ballots.

A manual tally of at least 1% of the total number of precincts in these contests was also conducted as part of the canvass.

The final turnout for this Primary Election totaled 247,512 ballots cast, representing 35.05% of the 706,257 registered voters.

The final official report for this election is now posted on the Contra Costa County Elections website at www.cocovote.us.

Editors Note

Here are results of a couple races of note.

Contra Costa County Supervisor, District 1

  • JOHN “JOYA” GIOIA31,404 (85.36%)
  • HULAN BARNETT JR.5,388 (14.64%)

Contra Costa County Supervisor, District 4

  • KEN CARLSON –  14,118 (26.73%)
  • DEBORA ALLEN 13,342 (25.26%)
  • CARLYN OBRINGER12,687 (24.02%)
  • ROXANNE CARRILLO GARZA –  7,942 (15.04%)
  • ED BIRSAN4,720 (8.94%)


  • GUS KRAMER – 119,435 (56.34%)
  • FLOY ELIZABETH ANDREWS – 92,567 (43.66%)



  • KRISTIN BRAUN CONNELLY – 64,424 (33.90%)
  • VICKI GORDON – 44,698 (23.52%)
  • DEVIN T. MURPHY – 42,053 (22.13%)
  • NICK SPINNER – 38,849 (20.44%)

District Attorney

  • DIANA BECTON – 124,574 (56.41%)
  • MARY KNOX – 96,276 (43.59%)


  • DAVID LIVINGSTON – 126,961 (58.82%)
  • BENJAMIN THERRIAULT – 88,897 (41.18%)

For full results from the Contra Costa County Elections office which include both state and local races in California, visit them at: https://www.cocovote.us/wp-content/uploads/ElectionSummaryReportRPT-60.pdf. 


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