Mothers of Brentwood Delivered 73 Turkey Meals During Turkey Drive


Brentwood Moms

The Brentwood Moms completed their annual turkey drive this week as they delivered turkey meals to local Head Start Preschool children and their families.

The program was made possible with participation from their members and Food Maxx. Many in the group considering themselves “blessed” to have an abundance in their  lives and they take great pride in being able to give to those who may not have a turkey meal on Thanksgiving.

Nova Moore, president of the organization, says she finds a lot of value in this organization and how it supports its members, their families and our community.

“This year the “MOB” delivered 73 turkey meals to the children and families of the Head Start Preschool Program. The MOB is thankful to its members and Food Maxx for providing Thanksgiving meals to underprivileged families in our wonderful community of Brentwood,” said Moore.

She further explained that giving back to the community has been the best feeling this holiday season and considers it a responsibility.

“Giving back means we take the responsibility of reaching out to fellow human beings and letting them know we are here, we think of them and we give to them.  For the Mothers of Brentwood it is rewarding to be able to provide all of the food to underprivileged families,” said Moore.

In the spring, the Mothers of Brentwood will hold an annual fundraiser.  All of the money they raise goes to a Backpack Drive for the children who are a part of the Brentwood Unified School District and our Turkey Drive.  Vince Messina, the manager of Food Maxx helps the group attain prices for all of the food we purchase for the families.

About Mothers of Brentwood:

The Mothers of Brentwood was founded in 2005.  We are an independently-run and member-driven organization that strives to meet the diverse and changing needs of mothers in our community.  Our membership averages 150 families!

Mothers of Brentwood offers support to mothers throughout Brentwood in Contra Costa County.  Whether you’re a stay-at-home, part-time working, full-time working mom, trying to conceive or expecting, we offer a variety of activities for you and your child(ren).

The Mothers of Brentwood organizes multiple outreach efforts for the benefit of children in need in our community. We have a variety of drives throughout the year including backpacks, winter coats, Thanksgiving meals, and holiday toys. Our club has raised thousands of dollars over the past several years to fund our outreach program and will always focus on the children in our community that need our help the most.

To contact Mothers of Brentwood, email [email protected] or visit


  1. I was fortunate this year when Meals on Wheels phoned me and asked if it was ok for Golden Hills Community Church of Brentwood, to deliver to my home a Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving morning. It was nice to receive a delicious homemade meal. How wonderful that there are people willing to share holidays with others. It was very appreciated I thank everyone that was involved in making my Thanksgiving Day Happy. It helped me not to look sadly back in the past but to look forward to the future.

    Thank you! Thank you!
    Bea Hollander – 84yrs.
    Antioch, CA

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