Special Haven Completes New Multi-Sensory Room


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Thanks to hard work and dedication over a two year period, the folks at Special Haven in Antioch were able to complete their state of the art build out of The Special Haven Multi-Sensory room.

At a cost of around $36,000, Special Haven was tasked with matching a grant where they had to raise $19,500 to have enough to pay for not only the upgraded room, but continue to pay rent and electricity.

Christine Schwab, Board Member, explained the project has been in the works for years and to see it completed is amazing after many fundraising efforts.

Special Haven held two golf tournaments that raised a majority of the funding. They also had Beer Fest, massage marathons, Super Bowl Squares, and variety of other small fundraisers.

“It’s an amazing feeling to reach our goal. Whatever we pictured it would be, it’s so much better,” explained Schwab. “The hidden Angels gave us the grant, but they not only gave us the grant but installed, trained us, designed the room.”

David Chuey, Board Member, shared that he has already taken his son and now his son keeps asking to go back. He is excited for the kids who can now use the facility.

“It’s really exciting. It only took a couple years to make it a reality and ready to share it with the community,” said Chuey. “You feel like you accomplished something. We knew we would get there but didn’t know how fast. We didn’t think it would come to this fast. To see it all come together it means a lot. All that hard work paid off and we can say we go there.”

Antioch City Councilwoman Monica Wilson says the completed project is a wonderful addition to Antioch and the special needs community in East County.

“This has been a long time project for Special Haven and they have worked very hard to bring this to fruition in Antioch,” said Wilson. “It’s something that was needed in East County and a benefit to the entire special needs community. I am very proud that this facility is in Antioch.”

Valarie Castaldi, a supporter of Special Haven says the project completion means it will now be able to help special needs children from all over. Castaldi has participated in multiple fundraiser efforts of the organization.

“Its awesome,” says Castaldi. “The SDC kids I work with will benefit greatly from this room.”

The room is considered to be a unique opportunity for children and adults with special needs and those with Alzheimers.

The room is at 213 G St, Antioch and may be used by appointment 10am-5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at the cost of $5 donation per hour to Special Haven.

You can contact the Intuitive Healing Center Antioch, home of Special Haven, at 925 777 9995 for more information about Special Haven, for a tour of the room, to find out about training to use the room or to book an appointment.

To find out more about Special Haven and the benefits of multi-sensory rooms please check out our website http://www.specialhaven.org/

Special Haven will soon announce the details of a grand opening of the room in the coming weeks.


  1. Special needs children have been in need as a facility such as this for a long time. Bless you in your efforts.
    Richard Asadoorian, Contra Costa County School Board Member

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