Mike Hudson Refuses to Pay $25k Bill to Former Campaign Manager


Former Mike Hudson campaign manager Rodney Stanhope may be out $25k according to a recent email exchange between he and Mr. Hudson which I have been forwarded. Mr. Stanhope sent an invoice demanding payment for services provided during the Assembly District 11 Primary which Hudson is now refusing to pay.

Stanhopes email reads:

This email serves as a demand for payment due! I need at least some of what you owe me as a good faith payment! This money is owed based on a Contractual Agreement that you and I both agreed upon and signed! I have given you plenty of time to make payments and you have done nothing! This balance was due since the Primary Election and you didn’t report it as an amendment but just threw it up on your latest 460 as disputed! Which is illegal! There is no dispute. You agreed to a contract and you took 1st place in the Primary! I have done my job and you have yet to pay me!

You need to make payments starting immediately!

You also logged into my email system and stole my email list illegally – That list contained non political addresses that you used without permission! This can be done very easy or very badly. I only want the money I am owed! I may even accept a payment settlement if you so desire feel free to make an offer which will require immediate payment if I agree to it! 

Here is a copy of the invoice: Hudson Bill

Before I get to Hudsons response, a couple of things here that if true, these are some major FPPC violations in which  may be the fines “by the day”. For example, a false 460 Form is a no-no!  Stealing email lists is also no-no. Even if Hudson didn’t pay the bill, he still knew about the debt and still failed to report it.

Now onto Hudsons response


You were fired because you broke your contract.

While I appreciate you voicing your concern, I will carefully consider my options over the next 30 days. I will forward this to my attorney and get his opinion. A public trail will certainly include fully disclosing all communications and activities. While I know you have carefully considered this, maybe you should discussing it with your wife.

Until such time as my attorney advises, I have no further comment.

Mike Hudson

First off, even if Hudson fired Stanhope, he is still responsible for the money that is owed. This isn’t a case of you are fired and no payment is required.  Stanhope earned that money regardless of the quality of work Hudson believes he received which is odd because under Stanhopes guidance, Hudson cruised to a first place finish in the primary which was his job.

This would be like the San Francisco Giants firing Bruce Bochy after two World Series wins in 3 years.

When I questioned Stanhope about the supposed firing, Stanhope explained he was never given notice or a exit letter because he  left the campaign after a falling out on the issue of a part-time legislator.

He explained he has been trying to get paid since June. This shouldn’t have been a problem considering its been reported in the Daily Republic that Hudson raised a total is $108,613 with with $13,104 coming in the last period

According to Stanhope, the rift began just before the Primary as he was encouraging Hudson to support a part-time legislator.

“I asked him to support Assemblywoman Grove’s bill to create a part time legislature and his response shocked me! “There is no F’ing way I’m going to waste my time running for this stupid position so that I can make regular money. I expect to get paid for all this shit”,  said Stanhope.

He explained that once he heard that, he knew he could no longer support Hudson and basically left to pursue better candidates after the June 6 primary.

When asked about Jim Frazier, he was all compliments stating he never had a problem with Frazier, they were simply just opponents on opposite sides. He considers Frazier to be a “blue dog democrat” he can work with and one that the Democrats can also work with. He event went onto endorse Frazier by providing me with the following statement:



  1. Hudson is a real piece of work. Pay your people who helped you get past the primary. This is a perfect example of why Mike Hudson should not get your vote when he wont even pay his campaign manager.

  2. I am no fan of Jim Frazier, but if Mr. Stanhopes quote about part-time legislator is true, then I will have to re-think my vote in a few days. Stanhope is very conservative, he doesn’t just come out do this without reason, My guess is what he is saying is true. His quote on Frazier surprises me. Stanhope is in the know of th Republican Party and for him to do this either means he has gone rogue or the Republican Party has given him permission.

  3. For someone who preaches conservative values, it doesn’t appear Mr. Hudson practices what he preaches. Jim Frazier all the way!

  4. I hope people realize that this is a guy who the Contra Costa Times and Sacramento Bee endorsed. They need to pull this endorsement!

  5. I’d love to see Allen Payton defend this one. Just another Republican fraud. Glad my wife and I left the Rep party years ago after it became clear this is no Ronald Reagan party.

  6. If the Contra Costa Times doesn’t run this story or raise any questions on “their endorsed candidate”, I am done with that paper. Even if one disagree with either candidates political views, these are valid concerns by any voter as one is refusing to pay a bill after someone worked hard in the primary on behalf of a candidate. It makes me wonder what else Hudson has done to cheat the system.

  7. I think we may be reading half of a story here. What I see is a lot of “he said she said” and would imagine there is more to this than a simple matter of non-payment. While I don’t support either candidate, I do believe people should be careful about passing judgement based on facebook posts and online demands.

    I hope I am not the only one that noticed that a “email” demand for payment is strange in an of itself. Demands for payment are done by letter-not by email. I hightly doubt the courts would consider an email “demand” for payment valid. I mean, who does that? ….Especially when the demand is for $25,000. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Just remember folks, there are always two sides (sometimes three) to every story.

    • Reader, I have a personal message from Hudson on May 24 stating he owes Stanhope some money! I have the message saved! I had much more info I could have put out but stuck to this topic.

    • @Reader, usually I like what you have to say, but I think your off on this one. This has apparently be going on since June. It’s not really a “he said she said” moment because there is an actual invoice and one can just go to the 460 to see Stanhope is left off it.

      I do not know if there has been any offline communication between Hudson and Stanhope but I am sure one who is owed money does not one day randomly send an invoice six months later. I would bet if you were owed $25k, You would be on that person night and day for payment. My bet is Stanhope finally got done playing games and went public. I’ve seen Burk tease non-payment for months now, but now he actually posted the invoice.

      For the record, after six months, I’d demand payment too!

      • @JimSimmons42,

        I agree with you as well, but I think there is just more to it that what is noted. I ask, if you were legitimatelly owed $25,000.00 would you send someone an email “demand” or would you send them a certified letter? It just makes no real sense. If it is as cut and dry as we are led to believe, and Mr. Stanhope is done “playing games”, he would be the one who would be contacting an attorney. In this case it appears Mr. Hudson is doing so. I just makes me wonder if we are hearing the entire story. (No fault of Burk)

        If someone owed me $25,000.00 I would not play games for 6 months, I would not send an email demand nor would I actually believe that “going public” has any real value (unless there is obvious political motivation). Is the picture getting clearer?

        Common sense would dictate, if a written contract was broken, a reasonable person would send a registered demand letter-allowing 30 days for a written response. If that did not produce any tangible result, then a letter from an attorney or court summons would follow. The courts are pretty clear on how this works which is pretty common knowledge. Going back and forth with internet “demands, etc., will not impress the court and weakens Mr. Stanhope’s position.

        This especially holds true for anyone like Mr. Stanhope that is an independant contractor and his work revolves around performance contracts.

        Where we might completely agree is that it appears on the surface, that Hudson stiffed Stanhope. But I am not confident that all of the pesky little details have surface-otherwise this would be somewhere else besides the “court of public opinion”.

    • Actually, e-mail invoices, as well as cure letters and past due statements, are acceptable to be sent by e-mail if the contact has held that e-mail address as his/her contact information. We use this in major subcontracts management every day fpor both government and commercial programs.

      • @ John S,


        Because it comes down to what provides you a “best defense”. I find it interesting that anyone would be comfortable relying on this in a court of law. I know I wouldn’t. Frankly it is weak (at best) and an extremely poor business practice.

        Courts are very harsh when it comes to communication, notices, or “cures” and cases are often dismissed by your assumptions of what you believe to be proper. I am surrounded by legal advisors who chuckle and say “good luck with that”.

        You are most likely aware a judge would also consider all extenuating circumstances and in this particular case there are many, right?

        Hope it works for you, but I wouldn’t bet (or rely) on it in any court.

        • I guess you’ve never watched ANY of the television court shows, where this kind of case where someone owes for a service provided but did not pay up were almost always found guilty and directed to pay up.

          In my industry, you can ignore a cure letter, but then deal with the government contracts officer who places your company or you as an individual on the debarment list prohibiting ANY government agency or government contractor from doing business with you. We call it the “Kiss of Death”, and makes it imperative that a contractor or subcontractor heed its direction.

          But your lawyer friends, who I always love dealing with when they’re begging us for forgiveness and reconsideration, can puff their chest all they want. I also went to law school and have numerous classmates who call me when they ignore “small warnings” like cure letters. In this age of rapid information and inter-connectivity, I recommend heeding these.

          Mike Hudson is done as a viable candidate – he’s the kind of Republican we DON’T need. His behavior is more fitting for the ‘other party”, which breaks promises every day.

      • “I guess you’ve never watched ANY of the television court shows,…”

        That’s how you begin your reply and then race to the bottom from there? Ok I get it. You lack real world experience and are pursuing some crazed political agenda against Hudson. I saw a bit of it in your first post, but you dressed it up and confirmed it in your second.

        Just for the record, I eat guys like you for lunch. You are nothing but hot air. Good luck with your threats and active legal imagination. I already know how far it will get you. 🙂

        Happy New Year and thanks for the laughs!

        • The only thing I know about Hudson is that he placed me on his e-mail list without my permission and never took me off despite the multiple unsubscribes I submitted.

          Lawyers like you who encourage people to make contracts and request services, and then go back on their duty to pay up, are the reason why all those lawyer jokes exist. You are a true representative of THAT class of lawyer, and there is a special place in the after-life for dishonorable behavior that goes unrepented.

          True Republicans believe in paying their debts. When I ran for office, I paid ALL of my bills and did NOT have to beg supporters for donations after Election Day. It’s called being fiscally responsible. Even moderate Republicans claim to have this quality – allegedly…

      • Whatever.

        You just outed yourself….

        I see you have quite an established record of losses. Go figure!

        …now go waste someone else’s time.

        • And tell your Trial Lawyer Association friends that your days of raping California taxpayers will eventually come to an end….

  8. The amount of exclamation points alone tells me this person may not be very rational. It sounds in my head like a kid yelling at the top of their lungs to get a toy. $25k? He would have hired an attorney if this were true and/or he had a case. Just from the responses, it appears he either walked off the job (broke his contract) or did something horrible (broke his contract). I’m no fan of Hudson, but it’s clear to me this guy is trying to bully him.

  9. Mr. Burkholder is providing just one side and that is his right, but I do question Mr. Stanhopes motives for putting this out publically just 4 days from an election. My guess is he was tired of playing games with Hudson. Maybe Mr. Hudson should issue a formal response and set the record straight once and for all. While its easy to get on Burkholder, he is actually just the messenger on this one reporting what Stanhope is stating. I doubt Hudson would even talk to Burkholder based off his support of Frazier.

    If Stanhope did not provide an invoice until a few days ago, there their is no violation. If Stanhope provided an invoice back in June, Hudson is going broke from the FPPC. Hudson and Stanhope should offer more details because there are too many questons and frankly, I am glad this information is out so we can see just who some people are supporting. If Hudson is a fraud using conservative values, at last we know about it before Tuesday instead of after.

    • @ Lori, you put it very well. No one should blame Burk at all, because we are hearing two sides of a contract dispute. A court would have to sort it all out based on evidence and fact.

      Because of that, I do find the timing on this suspect, but also very minor league. Politically speaking, the election of a candidate is already over (decided by absentee). Candidates and their advisors are very well aware of this. In reality, these last minute stories don’t amount to much…Very little changes on election day.

  10. I like this back and forth from the article and how the comments are a mix both ways. Burkholder actually did a good service with this post as to the character of the candidate and who is involved with Republican Campaigns. It highlights just how dysfunctional the party really is as its candidates and managers can’t even get along. I’ll stay clear of the party as today it was announced their California Chairman won’t even try for re-election.
    Based off this dialogue, at least the truth will come out and either Hudson will be cleared or Stanhope will get his money. Kudos for Burkholder for putting it out there so the issue can be dead once and for all.
    Right or wrong, who cares, it highlights why the Republican Party continues to lose ground. I’ll stick with the candidate who won’t have an upcoming court date.

  11. To answer your question – I was asked by the Party to not put this out there till after the election and to stand behind the Republican over the Democrat… But I am owed money by a person that does not deserve to serve. I was promised a resolution from within and told not to go public. I have decided that my Party has lost it’s way and needs a serious vector correction so I have released this info to my own detriment. The truth of the facts are owed to the voters to know the truth. As to the point that it is 4 days to go well I checked and the absentee returns are low giving time to inform the voters of the choice they have. I thank Jill for your comment, but this is all me and will probably piss off a few of the establishment. The amount of money and Mr. Hudson’s flippant attitude deems this move necessary. If anyone has any questions as to the validity feel free to call me. Also to Roger sorry but I tend to use Exclamation Points when I feel particularly steadfast about the fact that I am probably screwing my political career because the voters deserve such action.Anyone with questions may contact me at any time. 530-748-7142 – P.S. My endorsement of a Democrat for the first time in my life stands. I have never met a more sincere man than Jim Frazier. My endorsement violates every rule the party lives and dies by and will cost me dearly down the road. The choice is clear weather I get paid or not, which I doubt.

  12. This article is a joke. It amazes me that the author still has his job.
    There are so many falsehoods, on so many levels, that it’s ridiculous.

    1st…..anyone can make up an invoice and declare it to be real. That’s the beauty of computers.There are no dates on the services supposedly rendered by Stanhope on this invoice..

    2nd..maybe I missed it here, but where is the contract.? IS there a signed contract.? Or are we to take a man’s word who’s been fired for being a lousy campaign manager.? When was he fired.? Why was he fired.? Where’s the stats on even ONE campaign where he was a successful manager.?

    3rd….I know for an absolute fact that Stanhope was NOT Hudson’s manager for several months prior to the primary.

    4th….any improprieties by Hudson on his 460 are an open book to the FPC. Funny that they don’t find any..but Stanhope does. Give me a break.

    5th…Where is the proof to the accusation that Hudson stole Stanhopes email list.? Another manufactured statement with no basis.

    And..last..and most importantly..Mr. Stanhope is running for the state GOP chair position. Another joke.!!! I wonder how the Republican party will view a disgruntled, accusatory Republican who, at the time he was a supposed campaign manager, openly and publicly endorsed a Democrat.

    burkforoakley…..you should do your homework before you try to smear a former candidate with absolutely no facts whatsoever. This is a blatant example of slanted blogging, not worthy of being called journalism.

    • Get your timeline straight. If you had actually read the article and the other comments, you would not have typed all of the false information above. First, a signed invoice is a statement admissible as evidence, and punishable if intentionally falsified. Second, if he was a lousy campaign manager, how did Hudson, a total unknown, win in the June primary? Third, how do you “know” so much? were you one of those advising Hudson not to pay? (Great! Another “fiscally responsible” political activist.) Fourth, I’m sure EVERY candidate and incumbent puts their improprieties on the Form 460. Finally, are you really asking for a list of all of us that somehow ended up on Hudson’s email list even though we never met the dude?

      Oh, and it’s CRP Vice-Chair Rodney’s running for…yet another example to show how little you actually read through an article before piping in!

      • You sanctimonious jerk. You know nothing about me and you sit in judgement based on a reply to your kindergarten opinions. You ran for office..? You must have lost or you wouldn’t be a silly blogger. Maybe Stanhope was your manager too.
        How do I know so much. I met Rodney before and after he was fired by Hudson..which is before he was fired by Frank Miranda, which was before he was fired by Jennifer Good..and so on..and so on.

      • I want to thank you all. I love this. Watching you TeaBaggers attack each other is great. For the record I think Stanhope is as big an idiot for helping Hudson as Hudson is for being such a pathetic hypocrite. Who cares, but seeing this crazy TeaBagger Doris attacking someone she used to hold is such high regard is awesome. I had to double check, but yes it was Doris that was right there next to Stanhope when he pulled that pathetic “I got beat up by a Union Thug” stunt at the Capital. I really despised him because he had so many so called Conservatives/TeaBaggers following his every opinion. I’m just glad that I can always count on you losers to eat your young and your most successful leaders. Please continue and I will sit back and watch the TeaBaggers & Republican Light as the party fades into complete insignificance.

        • Better triple check . I was nowhere near Mr. Stanhope when he was “thugged”. He was in Sac..I was 90 miles away. Nice try. Another ‘completely ignorant of the facts’ has been heard from.
          This diversion from the subject is typical liberal bullcrap.
          The topic is Stanhope and his bid for the GOP Vice-Chair. The Tea party, Hudson, and any bills paid or unpaid are irrelevant..
          We’re talking about a Republican, running for a position in the state Republican Party, who finds his time best spent bad mouthing an elected Republican Vice Mayor while publicly endorsing a Democrat candidate.
          THAT’s the fact you all seem to have trouble acknowledging.

          • To start, Good Morning to our socialist observer. I’m sure you’re very proud of your President’s repeated broken promise to not raise taxes on anyone making under $250K per year. It’s the water cooler topic of my office already as everyone is trying to calculate how much lower their paycheck will be this Thursday. I can see why you’d be attracted to this article – are you recruiting other candidates who break promises and engage in double-speak like Hudson? You have my support for recruiting him to your side. Maybe his incompetence will slow down the destruction of our state and our nation that your party is so hell-bent on completing.

            As for the comments about my former campaign and those of other conservative Tea Party candidates in California, I was extremely proud of my friends and volunteers who raised over $100K WITHOUT any consultant support, and for the highest voter percentage over GOP registration in the state in 2010. We originally knew that our goal was to promote the messages of constitutional accountability, fiscal responsibility and a return to limited government; to finish as one of three targeted State Senate races for the CRP and still maintain a relationship & reputation of high level of integrity among all regional candidates, from all parties, has opened a lot of doors for the local charities I support.

            As for supporting a Democrat, I have no issue with supporting a Democrat of integrity over a Republican who cannot be trusted. Political philosophies can be discussed openly and often mutual ground can be found that best benefits the commnuity being served. A truly knowledgeable and honest politician knows how to present the benefits of his or her position, and is also willing to adopt a modified position if new & credible information is presented.

            We had this in San Pedro when our city council seat was vacated. I personally supported a Democrat who was running against both the Democratic Party’s endorsed socialist and the Republican-endorsed lobbyist. My friend was the LAPD Lead Community Officer, born and riased in San Pedro, and was (and continues to be) one of the most honest and community-committed leaders I’ve ever met. He’s a Democrat because when he was a Republican, he wanted to see the party do more with the community. He still fights his current party and its anti-business practices and push for unfundable programs and regulations continuing to cripple our city’s budget. My “cross-over” to support him ensured that the Democratic Party’s endorsed puppet for Mayor Villaraigosa was NOT elected. Instead, we have a guy who the Democrats are now trying SO hard to please, but I know when the time comes for the critical votes, I know where he will be – on the side of the citizens of his hometown, friends and family here in San Pedro.

            I am still a proud Tea Party supporter, and will continue to work hard to show how the party of our socialist observer is killing the state I was born and raised in, and returned after 12 years of Naval service to raise my own family. Many are fleeing to other states, but I’m ready for the next fight.

          • First off…Apologies for the slam on your previous candidacy. I have much respect for ANYONE who runs for office..as long as they are a true conservative, a constitutionalist and possess integrity and honesty.

            zero is NOT my president. My Tea Party and I worked our a–ess off to oust the traitor.
            YOU may not have a problem with endorsing a Democrat, but I can assure you the GOP at the state level will care. Vote for the most conservative candidate running..but if you want to represent the GOP..for God’s sake do not publicly endorse a Democrat while verbally destroying the Republican candidate.
            It’s all in the public perception.

            You profess to be a conservative, yet you support the flaming liberal ‘burkforoakley’ and his pathetic attempt to present a case against a Republican candidate. A case which has no merit. I was there..on the front lines of Hudson’s campaign..and am absolutely positive of my facts.

            Again, regardless of the bad blood between Stanhope and Hudson, the issue is whether Stanhope is the guy for Vice-Chair. A resounding NO from my corner. Almost as loud as the NO for Frank Miranda who covets a position at the state level also.
            We can kiss the Republican party goodbye if we continue to elect the likes of either Stanhope or Miranda.!

          • Thank you, Doris. You must remember that being Tea Party means we are holding Republicans, especially RINO’s, as accountable to the Constitutions of the United States and our great State of California as the Democrats who love to call themselves “prgressive” when all they are nbeing is sneaky & destructive.

            I find it strange that while Rodney has actually mentioned you as a great example of the kind of grassroots activism we need our party to return to, and how a disagreement over Hudson has caused this rift between you two, you still have misgivings about him and are willing to keep the RINO consultants in power to make that point. I hope you and Rodney can make amends because I believe you have the same core belief – that the moderate Republicans and consultants, who actually believed that members of the party of our socialist observer friend would somehow be willing to support moderate candidates over their union-pandering, enviro-terrorist loving friends who are way farther left than any of our canddiates have been to the right, have been among our party’s biggest reasons for its performance decline, and that when the focus returns to the grassroots level conservative Republican who shrugs off the welfare state and socialist policies to fight for a return to individual freedoms, we will finally see the economic and cultural recoveries that our state, and our nation, so desperately need.

            I have no doubt that you are a patriot, Doris. Thanks for the activism that Rodney has spoken so highly about.

    • Dorris,

      Please don’t be a homer for your tea party ways. I’ve seen your posts via facebook, anything non tea party is automatically wrong so that says plenty about you. But I shall play along with you.

      1. No dates of service? It’s called a primary season for a reason and a campaign manager is 24/7. Having been at many events with Hudson present–Rodney was always there. I suppose he could bill him by the hour and its probably more than the money even on the invoice.

      2. Poor rhetoric on your part. Fired or not, he still gets paid something. It doesn’t erase services already given. What does his track record have to do with Hudson? That is apples to oranges lady. For the record, he did succeed at getting Hudson a primary win! So why are you complaining? Having spoken to the guy, he couldn’t do it on his own, he is simply not that bright.

      3. Flat out lie and I will now expose you in any race going forward. 1-month before the primary, I took the picture above from the NAACP forum. We can debate, but please don’t lie.

      4. Again you are lying… FPPC won’t do a thing unless someone files a complaint. Maybe I should.

      5. If you really want, I could take the time to gather a list but that likely will be boring and again, you will use your poor rhetoric to say my list is made up. I know for a fact there was another candidate who got unwanted emails not even within Hudsons district.

      I’ll be getting into why a Democrat in the AD-11 race was more fiscally conservative than your Tea Party idol in tomorrows blog. Anyone who followed this race knew Hudson was a fraud from the start. Yes, I wanted him in passed the primary and even said so on many occasions–because he was the easiest to beat.

      Smear a former candidate? This article was posted during the campaign you big dope. Considering I had already endorsed and supported Frazier… ya, its biased and I made no bones about it. It still doesn’t change the facts Hudson has an unpaid bill.

      • Whether Hudson does or doesn’t have an unpaid bill…you dope…has not one single thing to do with a self=proclaimed Republican activist who wants to represent the Republican party..after publicly endorsing a Democrat candidate. You can try to spin this any way you want but Mr. Hudson’s bill or non-bill is insignificant to this issue. You are touting a candidate for a state position un the GOP..and last I looked..it wasn’t Mr. Hudson.

  13. BTW – I’ve been a CRP Executive Committee member, as well as served on Initiatives and Proxy & Credentials. Never heard of Miranda. (Except when I was an MP and was reading “Miranda” to a suspect…LOL!)

  14. Mr. Burkholder,
    While there are a myriad of “facts” (and I use that term loosely) that I could comment on in this post, I will limit it to 3:

    [1.] “First off, even if Hudson fired Stanhope, he is still responsible for the money that is owed.” I absolutely agree – any salary earned until Stanhope’s departure should be paid in full, based on the terms of the contract.

    [2.] “When I questioned Stanhope about the supposed firing, Stanhope explained he was never given notice or a exit letter because he left the campaign after a falling out on the issue of a part-time legislator.”
    Stanhope did not leave Hudson’s campaign of his own accord, no matter how he spins it. While Stanhope and Hudson are the only two privy to the actual details, the choice was not Stanhope’s.

    [3.] “According to Stanhope, the rift began just before the Primary as he was encouraging Hudson to support a part-time legislator…He explained that once he heard that, he knew he could no longer support Hudson and basically left to pursue better candidates after the June 6 primary.”
    Regardless of what happened between Stanhope and Hudson, Stanhope was off the campaign weeks before the June 6 primary. Check any of Stanhope’s Facebook pages, there is absolutely NO documentation of anything related to Hudson’s campaign beyond the NAACP candidate forum on April 28. In fact, Stanhope posted his Company’s endorsement list on June 5 – where is his candidate Hudson?

    Stanhope is not the person the ailing GOP in California needs in any leadership role.

    • Wow you are all so full of crap. Let’s get this straight. While Mr. Stanhope has decided not to waste his time responding to you Hudson Loving Morons, I will.
      First I want to know when you all decided to take our Conservative Values, Our Constitution, Our Principles and throw them out the window?
      You have all known Stanhope for what like 5 years, 10 years, more? You have all at one time or another stood right there next to him as he stood for everything we believe in. We all knew that he was one of the only members of the GOP we could believe in.
      When he chose to take on the Hudson Campaign I knew that was a very bad idea. I knew too much about Hudson, his background, his voting record, his previous marriages, his past transgressions, his past issues with debt and staff not getting paid, hidden bank accounts (To hide money from his current wife Sandy, because she is not capable of balancing a checkbook and much more.) Stanhope was convinced that Hudson was a good candidate. He spent the majority of his life for how many months sleeping on a blow up mattress at the office, eating leftovers and fast food, working tirelessly for Hudson while still giving advice and consultation to some 30 other candidates and always being there for us.
      His dedication amazed everyone of you. Then the real issues started. Not getting paid (He stilled stayed), Constant Arguments on direction of campaign (He stilled stayed), and Hudson’s involvement in creating the fight within the Solano County Central Committee (This is the real reason Stanhope left the Campaign) He told Hudson to stay out of it and after Hudson decided to go to a Central Comm. meeting and go ballistic on us all as to how pathetic we where, what a bunch of morons, and some other great quotes I won’t list here. I do have it all on video. That is why Stanhope Quit (Not Fired). Because he is the same man we all believed in before. A man of principles and integrity.

      I know your wondering how in the hell do I know so much??? That’s easy his own staff can’t keep their mouth shut. The very people running off their mouth now against Stanhope.

      So now he is stepping up to run for a position that we all knew we needed him to do. The Party is broke and it is going to require a man who is not afraid to do what is right not what is popular. The opposition to Mr. Stanhope believes the future of the Republican Party will be saved by walking away from our values, our principles, our Constitution. I will not stand for that and can’t believe that those of you who have been fighting beside him this entire time are the ones trying to destroy him. This is why I am A Tea Party Leader. One of you quotes after every Pledge “Born and Unborn” yet you want to elect a woman that is pro choice, believes in same sex marriage, believes voting rights for illegal immigrants. One of you as a Tea Party leader stood with Stanhope at rally’s, events, had him as your speaker, etc. and the worst of you is the one from his own county that Stanhope took under his wing and was your only real friend when everybody else wanted you gone. He got you on Central Comm, then when he basically moved his life to us in Solano he brought you with him. A choice we all hated. Oh which by the way so did Hudson who said “N### is the most annoying retard I have ever got stuck with and please keep him away from me” Shame on all 3 of you.
      Oh and all the above can be verified by Solano Cent Comm members. Members of Hudson’s own staff, Talk to Chamber Members, People from Stanhope’s County, and more.

      So I will continue to watch this thread and if Stanhope won’t defend himself I will. Shame on you all. Go home read your Bible, read your Constitution, and think about why you got into this in the first place. It was never about one man it was about one country. It was not Republican or Democrat it was about the Constitution. If you want to throw your values out the window then make that between you and your god, leave us alone while we decide to save the Republican Party. Oh and for the record you idiots already made the mistake of calling my fellow delegates and I’ve heard all your crap. So let me just for the record state “SCREW YOU” we are voting for Stanhope. I don’t want your Republican I want a True Republican.

  15. I, for one, am not questioning Stanhope’s conservative values. However it takes more than a pretty speech to be a leader. Vision, commitment, follow-through, honesty, integrity…these traits seem to be in short supply with Stanhope. The GOP desperately needs to get back on track and we need leadership that can unify the Party, not continue the divisiveness that plagues it now. True leadership is difficult to find. When a true leader is under duress or tested, s/he does not point fingers or lash out. They understand and work with their shortcomings because after a display of unprofessional conduct, his or her values are worthless. Simply put, Rodney does not demonstrate professionalism or embrace high standards.

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