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Meals to Martinez Program Launched

by ECT

MARTINEZ, CA: No one is non-essential. Families and businesses around Martinez have felt the economic impact of the government shut down orders. To help out families hardest hit by the shelter in place, and local restaurants that lost business, a local attorney is stimulating Main Street with $30,000 in free meals.

Tully & Weiss Charities partnered with Main Street Martinez to pair Martinez locals in need of a meal with downtown restaurants that need business. The program will donate $30,000 to 16 downtown Martinez restaurants, and will distribute $50 gift certificates to 600 families that lost work due to being classified as “non-essential.” This will give restaurants a boost, help hundreds of families, and stimulate sales for all downtown businesses. Win-Win-Win!

Small business owners their employees; barbers, dentists, cleaners, salon workers, shop keepers, musicians, and countless others that have been unable to work are eligible. If you know a local worker or small business person impacted economically, nominate them at [email protected] for a free meal in Martinez. Please include the following information: First and Last Name, email (if not for you), and top 3 restaurant choices from the list of participating restaurants.

PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTS: Bar Cava Wine Whiskey & Eatery, Canton Restaurant, Firehouse Brew and Grill, Ginger Thai, Haute Stuff Restaurant and Catering, Lemongrass Bistro, Luigi’s Deli, Roxx on Main, Sal’s Family Kitchen, Slice of Italeigh Pizza & Cheesesteaks, Slow Hand BBQ, Sunflower Garden, Taco Daddy’s, Troy Greek, Vic’s Martinez and Copper Skillet.

If selected for meal, you will be emailed with a certificate that includes first and last name and restaurant to redeem your $50 meal credit from. You will be required to let the restaurant know you are part of the Meals to Martinez Program before ordering and present them with your certificate and matching ID when picking up/ordering your food order.

Rules and restrictions: Must be Martinez resident or work in Martinez and been impacted by COVID-19. Program will run until all 600 individuals have been selected.
*certificate not valid on alcohol

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Yeahright Jul 15, 2020 - 7:48 am

Martinez, as a community, has really stepped up and taken care of those local business owners who are being impacted by Covid-19 and the loss of work. You notice, that this is a grassroots community effort and no politicians were involved. Probably why this plan is working so well. Martinez Strong!!

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