Martinez Police Say Reckless Driving Results in Discovery of Illegal Firearms


The Martinez Police Department say that at roughly 12:49 am Saturday, two officers were on patrol when they saw a car in the intersection of Pacheco Boulevard and Howe Road driving recklessly in circles.

They conducted a traffic stop and contacted the driver, 22 year old Concord resident Oscar ESPARZA-CABELLO. ESPARZA-CABELLO was arrested for reckless driving. While searching ESPARZA-CABELLO’s vehicle, the officers found a concealed 9mm Pistol, a short barreled, unregistered and illegal assault rifle and an illegal 40 round magazine.

ESPARZA-CABELLO was arrested for multiple weapons violations, as well as reckless driving. ESPARZA-CABELLO was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility (MDF) on $190,000 bail.

Information provided by Martinez Police


  1. The police stated that the suspects last name was Esparaza-Cabello.
    I would’ve bet it was Dumass.
    Hey Esparaza-Cabello, thanks for being one and making MPD’s job easier.

  2. KB you are absolutely correct! Kids these days are very stupid in making bad choices. Doing donuts is one way to draw attention to yourself. Ironically, the county jail was only 1/2 mile down the road!

  3. If he’s too stupid and irresponsible to care about guns laws, he’s not going to care about traffic laws.

  4. Fake news. The young man was actually driving erratically because there was a bee in the car, and those guns are legal. He’s an American, so all our guns are fine and dandy.

      • Just as Master Trump doesn’t believe in science, ECT or the law enforcement officials can bring up every ounce of “proof” or “evidence”, but I can just say it’s fake news and that makes it so. Just like playing hide and seek as a kid, if I cover my eyes and can’t see you, you don’t exist.

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