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Lumpys Diner Donates 700 Meals to Heritage HS Freshmen

by ECT

Lumpys Diner Heritage Edit

On Wednesday July 31, Lumpy’s Diner did something fantastic for the Brentwood community as he served up 700 lunches to Heritage High School Freshmen as part of their orientation.

Prior to being served lunch, the freshman packed the gym for a assembly which highlighted what there future would be for the next four years with dances, games, and other information provided.

Heritage Principal Larry Oshodi applauded Lumpy’s Diner for stepping up and giving back to the community.

“We always look for sponsors to help with the cost of the program. Guy Rognlien, one of our administrators, made the initial contact with Lumpy’s and they agreed to donate all the food,” explained Oshodi. “I was quite excited. We would have been so happy just to have them give us the food, but they actually brought their full-size catering trailer on campus and served the food (hot and fresh) to all our freshmen and volunteers. It was just wonderful.”

Lumpy and his crew were busy cooking in their trailer flipping burgers and prepping fries for a couple hours.

“I am always looking to give back to the community and proud to be a part of Heritage freshman orientation. We are trying to give back where and when we can,” said Lumpy.

In fact, later that day, Lumpy put out an announcement that any high school student with an ID could come into his diner and purchase a $1 burger.

During the course of lunch, students were excused to line up for their burger, fries, drink and condiments and then were free to disburse for lunch.

Oshodi praised Lumpy’s support of the community.

“Lumpy’s certainly demonstrate the highest level of community support and spirit. They have supported our students in the past as well and took it to another level this time by cooking and serving over 700 meals for students and volunteers for free,” said Oshodi. “On behalf of Heritage students, staff and parents, I want to publicly express my deepest gratitude to the owners and staff of Lumpy’s Diner. We know it takes full community support like this for us to be a distinguished school in every area.”

Editorial Comment:

EastCountyToday would like to say kudos to Lumpys for donating burgers, fries and your time for a good cause and showing Brentwood why you are awesome!

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Marty Fernandez Aug 2, 2013 - 8:57 am

Great job!!! The one reason we eat so often at Lumpy’s! Been two of their fans since opening day!!

ECVsBrother Aug 4, 2013 - 9:25 am

Lets send some greasy hamburgers, deep fried potatoes, and sugar soda to start the freshmen kids off on a balanced diet.

Thanks Lumpy’s

JimSimmons42 Aug 5, 2013 - 7:47 am

ECVBrother, you can’t be serious? How about you put your money where your comment is and provide a healthy meal to 700 freshmen.

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