Local Prosecutors Endorse Supervising District Attorney Paul Graves For Election to District Attorney


The Contra Costa County District Attorneys’ Association endorses Paul Graves for District Attorney.  Delivering the news, Association President Aron DeFerrari noted “Paul has the experience and integrity Contra Costa deserves in its next District Attorney.”

Stephanie Kang, a DAs’ Association Board Member, noted “Paul Graves is exactly the type of person who should be leading the change and reforms Contra Costa needs.  Paul Graves had the courage and leadership to stand up against Mark Peterson’s misconduct and run against him even though taking a stand risked Paul’s career.”

Lauren Whalen, another Association Board Member, and lifelong Contra Costa County resident, said “Paul’s actions put Contra Costa first and we know he’ll continue to do so as District Attorney.”

Steve Bolen, an Association Board Member noted “Our prosecutors are eager for change. We embrace the idea of a fresh start and the possibilities it offers. Most importantly, we care about the safety of the residents and communities we serve.  We know Paul Graves puts public safety above politics, that’s what matters to us.”

The people of Contra Costa deserve an experienced, trusted prosecutor who can provide the leadership needed to keep our communities safe.  Paul Graves alone offers both that experience and integrity. He should be Contra Costa’s next District Attorney.

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For more on the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Association, click here.


  1. Paul Graves would be an excellent District Attorney. I have worked many cases with him while I was a detective. He sincerely cared for every case I brought him, and has a great work ethic. I wish him the best! Contra Costa would be lucky to have him leading the D.A.’s Office.

  2. I took numerous cases to Paul Graves during my career and always found him to be fair. His experience as a prosecutor and ability to process complex investigation materials is outstanding. His feedback helped me to become a better investigator. I support Paul Graves as the next District Attorney in Contra Costa County because I believe he is the best person for the job!

  3. As long as he is not afraid to prosecute corrupt politicians, I will vote for him. There continues to be crime in Contra Costa politics. Previous DAs were soft on that subject.

  4. He seems tough. Let’s see if he can get the job done. East County needs to be cleaned up. Any Charles Bronson or Bruce Willis’s out there?

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