Letter: Supervisor Piepho Supports Diane Burgis for County Supervisor

Diane Burgis & Mary Piepho at a Friends of Marsh Creek restoration project

Dear Reader,

As you may have heard, I have made a difficult choice not to run for re-election for the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors.  This choice was made easier because of one person, East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) Director Diane Burgis.

Diane is uniquely qualified to serve on the Board of Supervisors. She is a true leader and has all of the qualities I feel are the most important to serve the citizens of District III.  Diane is a fiscal conservative; supports police and firefighters that work hard to make our communities safe; supports investment into our transportation system; she is approachable and knowledgeable; advocates to protect our Bay/Delta and our environment; and most importantly, Diane cares about you.

Diane has the most regional experience of all the candidates.  As a Director of the East Bay Regional Park District, Diane works to serve the taxpayers of two counties, Alameda and Contra Costa.  Diane has learned how to responsibly manage an annual budget of over $200 million dollars and oversee a District police and fire department.

As a recent council member for the City of Oakley, Diane knows the challenges of local government and how to fight for the needs of taxpayers and invest in public safety as a top priority.

Diane is a Delta advocate, having served as a member of the Delta Protection Commission she has worked to advance the federal National Heritage Designation to preserve, protect and promote our vibrant Delta region and has fought Governor Brown’s Twin Tunnel project.

As Executive Director of Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed, Diane knows that salmon are a vital link not only to our Delta and our environment, but also our economy.  Diane has fought to protect salmon migratory routes and save this valuable fish.

Diane is fiscally conservative.  As a former small business owner, Diane knows what it takes to make a budget work and meet the bottom line.  Diane puts Public Safety first by supporting a well staffed police force and fire department in order to protect citizens, property and make communities safe. Living in far East County, Diane is acutely aware of and supports the need to fully fund transportation and Vasco Road safety projects that allow for shorter commute hours and more time with family.

Diane has my vote for Contra Costa County’s District III Supervisor because she is the right candidate.  I ask you to give her your vote too.  If you have any questions I can be reached at 925-516-2358.

It has been my honor and privilege to work for you for nearly 12 years on the Board of Supervisors.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Mary Nejedly Piepho
District III
Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors


  1. I am sold. I was stuck on Burgis or Barr, but this reasoning helped me make my decision. Who better to know who is qualified than the person who actually has the job. It’s important we find a candidate who will protect the Delta like Piepho has done.

    • Jim,
      All candidates will protect the Delta. That’s a given. Look deeper and you may change your mind.

  2. Agree. Thanks to the Supervisor for supporting Diane. Mary mentioned some things that I did know and many I didn’t. Diane Burgis has much better regional experience than any of the other candidates and will be able to support all of east county over one city or another-especially since the county represents the unincorporated areas and has a budget more in line with the EBRP district. Cities are just a fraction of that. This will be a great asset when dealing with the large budget of the county.

    It shows me a lot to see “current” elected officials who live and operate in the district supporting and endorsing Burgis. The other candidates appear to only have mostly support from former officials who live out of district or owe the candidates a political favor.

    We need a strong Delta advocate and Diane is just that person.

    Great letter for a superior candidate!

  3. Voting Burgis is voting cronyism and dirty money. Musical chairs means you can’t count on her staying. Money from two incumbents political account not originally intended for her means she is obligated to vote certain ways. We do not need behind the door decisions. Vote for an independent thinker , No Burgis

  4. Oh looky! Unome is wrapped around the axle again. What a joke! Now it’s cronyism and dirty money? Just pulling crap out of your azz I see! Typical. All bumpersticker and no depth.

    Yea, look deeper and you will see what a dud the other candidates are compared to Diane Burgis. Burgis has a record of community work. The others have nothing to show. It’s no wonder Piepho endorsed her over everyone else. Piepho is the expert. Unome why don’t you dazzle us with your credentials if you want us to buy into your dimentia?

    I love your attempts at painting Burgis’ honest money as dirty, all at the same time as you ignore the real dirty and encumbered money shoveled on top of candidates like Barr who are developer darlings. No ones buying your musical chairs. It’s amusing that you are so stuck on stupid.

    Unome certainly has a odd way of viewing reality. Let’s hope he isn’t old enough to vote and his mommy wants her computer back. LOLLLLLL!

  5. I’m sorry to see Supervisor Piepho go. She has a very good record of service to the people of the district. Whether it is promoting Ag, Protecting the Delta, or advocating for the communities, she has done it exceptionally. I recently overheard people in a large event refer to her as the “smart one” on the board of supervisors with a record of many accomplishments. I haven’t always agreed with all of the issues (who does?) but I respect her ability to remedy them responsibly. We will lose a leader when Mary retires.

    Thank you for your service Mary you will be missed.

  6. Anon, aliases, and minions,
    Are you speaking of our self serving Supervisor whom only holds a High School GED backing a person with her donated campain cash? Wow what a surprise. Anyone voting Burgis will get the same ole self serving bought and paid for Piepho puppet like yourself. I’m going for a genuine long time east county resident and family man Steve Barr.

    • Unome, so what’s your point except to reveal that large chip on your shoulder and your lack of knowledge? Many successful people including billionaire genius Bill Gates didn’t bother graduating college. And for politics, many of our greatest Presidents did not attend college even though college was more accessible than it is now.

      And if you’re still curious, the nine presidents who didn’t go to college are: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, and Harry Truman.

      For the record, Supervisor Mary Piepho is in very good company.

      When you spoke of “self serving” you must have been referring to your attempts to defame and misrepresent. Desperate acts from a desperate “keyboard coward”.

      So back up your accusations and tell us, how is Diane Burgis running for a seat on the Board of Supervisors “Self Serving”? I’m sure you can make something up. You seem to be accustomed to it by now.

      p.s. Yes it’s an alias. The real Abe wouldn’t waste his time with you, but I’m enjoying running you around the block and into factual walls. You are just too damn stupid to figure it out.

  7. @Unome

    I don’t know you but I have been reading your comments for a while now. You really come across as an ass. Maybe you aren’t wired right…… but you should consider doing yourself a favor by keeping your opinions to yourself. That is unless you enjoy making yourself look ridiculous– which appears to be the situation.

    I voted for Piepho 3 times and will probably vote for Dianne Burgis. They have earned my vote, I respect the work that they do and what each has accomplished. Your off color commentary affirms voting for Burgis and Piepho is and was the right thing to do. According to the majority of voters they are aligned with both women and support them at the ballot box. That should tell you just how off base you have been. In your eyes we must all be paid puppets, short term residents and not family people. You really have convinced me you do not have both oars in the water. Be advised, I won’t waste my time with you again.

    • @ Frank, Can you also promise all the other aliases too? People are smarter than you and all your other dumb alias names. Diane is not the person to vote for. She can take her dirty money and throw a party for all the Piepho minions. We need an independent thinker not a back door supervisor.

  8. Unome and Unome2 was a dead give away. Anon is meant to be an alias for a reason. Get over it.

    You need to work on the message and not worry about the messenger. It only makes your point to of view that much more irrelevant.

  9. @anon frank et al
    Can’t even keep your word that you were done after a few hours. Your just like the supervisor and her minions. This is what we will get with Diane. Dishonesty and broken promises is all you have Anon and Frank. You are just another influenced minion and liar. Vote for a true east county family oriented honest man.

    • Unome, you are an idiot. There are no other words to sugar coat it.

      Tomorrow morning you will wake up and still be an idiot. Next year you will still be an idiot. Do you see where this is going?

      So glad I’m not you.

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