Letter: Discovery Bay Resident Thanks Brentwood Police


Dear Editor:

This letter really gives me an opportunity to reflect and “THANK” every police officer for your service on Saturday evening June 16th, 2018 at Veteran’s park in Brentwood.

I was at the park during the time of the incident, cleaning up from such a beautiful day as we celebrated my daughter’s baby shower. We were 10 minutes away from leaving. We were almost done packing up everything I was conducting a last-minute walk through to make sure the area was clean, and nothing was left behind. All the sudden we heard chaos and people yelling and screaming then everything went all bad with the brawl and it was screaming, fighting, punching etc. My daughter who is 8 months pregnant took off running and crying.

Your quick response was greatly appreciated. Thirty to forty cops came to the park to assist with the brawl. Approximately one hour later, the incident was peacefully resolved, and we were safe and allowed to go home. I commend the Brentwood police officers for taking the lead and all the officers who responded.  The officers did an outstanding job getting the situation under control. I am so glad no one was shot or killed.

I am also deeply thankful for the courageous, caring approach our officers, firefighters, and dispatchers demonstrate day after day, year after year.

Every single day our public safety personnel respond to a host of emergencies and calls for help, which puts them in a position to see some of our community’s worst problems.

Yet, despite the problems and some criticism these dedicated people get up and go to work again the next day because they get tremendous satisfaction out of helping others.

Thank you so much,

Delanda Burgess
Discovery Bay Resident


  1. Too bad you had to experience this and Im sure there were other innocent families as well trying to enjoy there day. The cops did a great job in handling this situation, these hoodrats were put in there place.

  2. Thank you. My daughter is doing well. She was hysterical she heard someone say they were going to their car to get their piece. We did not know the people fighting and they were not from my party. The cops could have used their guns because the people kept fighting. It was horrible. God protected us.

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