Kirker Pass: 18-Year-Old Pittsburg Female Dies in Crash

Press Release


Early Sunday morning, at approximately 12:41am, Concord Police Officers were dispatched to a vehicle collision that occurred in the southbound direction of Kirker Pass Road, north of Clearbrook Drive.

A vehicle traveling south on Kirker Pass Road left the roadway and struck a signal pole.

The solo female driver, an 18 year old Pittsburg resident, was pronounced deceased at the scene. The name of the deceased is not being released pending notification of next of kin.

Southbound lanes of Kirker Pass Road at Hess Road were closed for approximately 3.5 hours.

The cause of the collision is still under investigation and no further details are being released at this time.

Anyone who may have witnessed the collision is asked to contact Traffic Investigator Justin Wilson at the Concord Police Department, 925-603-5962

The Contra Costa County coroner’s office identified Taleah Montanez, 18, as the female driving the vehicle.


  1. I take Kirker pass once a week and every time I take that road people are flying going 80 90 miles an hour down he’ll just stupid

  2. Kirker Pass is a death trap! Many people killed on it. A civil engineer who probably failed basic engineering principles must have designed it.

    • Hmmmmmmm? As a civil engineer myself I fail to see this. There is in fact warning signage and safe speed
      Limits for the curves. This sounds to me like driver error and failure on the city’s behalf of maintenance. Thank you for trying though!! I don’t get it?

    • I agree on the Civil Engineer flunking basic design principles. In bad weather at the top, it doesn’t drain. Cars with bright lights blind people at night. The turns aren’t banked right at the top or the bottom going into Pittsburg and now with this construction the geometry of these lanes is stranger. Maybe Civil Engineer should go drive the road in bad weather for starters so we can see the water fall from the top.

    • Lmao you guys are idiots. Learn how to drive, or maybe you go to school and look for a “basic civil engineering” class. Learn how to drive

  3. So very sad I lost a friend on Kirker years ago. Just took my 18 year old grandson driving over Kirker Saturday to teach him and instill in him how dangerous this road is. My deepest sympathy to the young lady’s family and friends.

    • No one should drive on Kirker Pass. That’s just asking for trouble! There are other routes one can take which are safer.

      • You can drive Kirker Pass. Just slow down, and drive safely. If you’re not a good driver, stay off EVERY road.

        Condolences to this young ladies family and friends.

  4. Kirker Pass needs to be totally revamped! It’s way too steep! It should be cut down and made more level. People creep up to the apex and then cut loose on the way down riding their brakes instead of putting the car into second gear to slow it down. I’ve seen drivers loose control quite a few times.

  5. It’s a Hill!!! How the hell is this a hard road to navigate?!?!? Slow the fuck down and be aware. Also, how the fuck do you suppose to level a Mountain lmao losers

    • Doesn’t matter if you slow down! It’s way too steep and even people slowing down can lose control. Let’s face it! This road was designed very poorly. I agree that the hill should be cut down radically. It was probably designed by an “engineer” who couldn’t get a job in the private sector and had to go to work for a city or county or, God forbid, the state!

    • That “mountain” should have been leveled when this road was built. Whoever designed it had shit for brains.
      It takes the use of a nice big fat bulldozer to level the top! I also have seen drivers lose control there many times!

  6. Kirker Pass (or any dangerous road) will separate good drivers from those who lack driving skills. Kirker Pass, Bailey, etc. – those roads have never bothered me. Being a good driver includes being a defensive driver. If these roads are too much for you to handle, it’s understandable. Please don’t drive them…

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