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Kammermann Gets First Win At Antioch Speedway, Ryland, Robles, Newton Other Winners

Don Martin II

by ECT

Antioch, CA — Devan “The Hammer” Kammermann picked up his first career 20 lap Delta Dwarf Car Main Event win Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. With incoming leader Danny Wagner being eliminated in an early crash, Kammermann was able to pull to within four points of the lead in the championship battle.

The Main Event got off to a rough and tumble start with a pair of yellow flags before things got going. Travis Day led the way on the opening lap ahead of David Rosa and David Michael Rosa. An inside move in in Turn 3 gained the younger Rosa second from his father with Kammerman following into third. Day already had about a half-straightaway lead, and Kammermann went low in Turn 2 on Lap 6 to take second from Rosa. The battle for the lead soon began as an inside pass on the backstretch put Chance Russell into third on Lap 10. Day had his hands full with Kammerman when a yellow flag waved for Joe Tardiff and David Michael Rosa on Lap 12. Kammermann went low in Turn 2 on the restart lap and Day pushed high. Kammermann emerged with the lead over Russell and David Rosa. Russell surrendered second to David Michael Rosa on Lap 19, but Kammermann wasn’t giving up the lead as he brought it home to the satisfying win. David Michael Rosa ended up second. Russell faded late as Day ended up third ahead of Toby Brown and Kylee Johnson.

Fred Ryland was awarded his second 20 lap IMCA Stock Car Main Event win of the season after apparent winner Andrew Pearce was disqualified in post race tech. Ryland had to start back in the fifth row as heat race winner Dan Gonderman led IMCA Sport Modified point leader Pearce and Dave Hill early on. Pearce made an inside pass on Gonderman for the lead on Lap 4.  Joe Gallaher went low in Turn 2 for third on Lap 9. The yellow flag waved for debris, and Pearce continued to lead Gonderman and Gallaher on the restart. Ryland soon found his way into fourth and had a big 14th lap that saw him go low in Turn 4 to take second from Gonderman. However, a yellow flag flew for Jason Jennings moments later. Pearce led Ryland and Gonderman on the restart, but Gonderman lost third to Travis Dutra on Lap 16. After Pearce and fourth place finisher Gallaher were disqualified, Ryland got the win ahead of Dutra, Gonderman, Jason Robles and Jennings.

Kenneth Robles won the 20 lap Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. Incoming point leader Misty Welborn was the early leader ahead of Brad Coelho. Following a yellow flag on Lap 2 for multiple tangles in Turn 4, Welborn led Robles on the restart. Coelho brought out a yellow flag to end his race moments later. Welborn continued to lead Robles on the restart with the battle heating up. Robles and Welborn were going side by side when a yellow flag waved for Jess Paladino on Lap 8. Robles took the lead from Welborn on the restart, and Welborn would end up pitting during a Lap 10 caution. On the next restart, reigning champion Larry McKinzie Jr moved into second behind Robles as young Aiden Ponciano held third. Robles went on to the victory with McKinzie a much needed second as he recharges his championship hopes. Poinciano was a career best third, followed by Mitchell Dana and Jason Ryan Jr.

Shannon Newton won the 15 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event. It was a short field due to a scheduling conflict. As James East took the early lead, Zack Neeley, Bob Newberry and Newton battled fiercely for second. Newberry went low in Turn 3 to grab the spot, and Neeley brought out of a yellow flag moments later. East continued to lead Newberry on the restart, but Newton began to make his presence known. Newton went high in Turn 1 to grab second and made an inside pass on the backstretch on Lap 10 to take the lead from East. Newberry headed for the pits as Newton stretched his advantage over East in victory. Neeley settled for third.

Racing continues this Saturday night with the IMCA Modifieds back in action along with the IMCA Sport Modifieds, the Xtreme Limited Late Model Series and the Super Stocks. For further information, go to www.antiochpeedway.com.


Antioch Speedway Unofficial Race Results May 21 


Delta Dwarf Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Danny Wagner, Chance Russell. Main Event-(20 laps)-Devan Kammerman, David Michael Rosa, Travis Day, Toby Brown, Kylie Johnson, Chance Russell, Joe Tardiff, David Rosa, Ellie Russo, Danny Wagner.


Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Trevor Clymens, Brad Coelho, Misty Welborn. Main Event (20 laps)-Kenneth Robles, Larry McKinzie Jr, Aiden Ponciano, Mitchell Dana, Jason Ryan Jr, Misty Welborn, Grayson Baca, Colten Haney, Jess Paladino, Michaela Taylor.


IMCA Stock Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Andrew Pearce, Dan Gonderman. Main Event (20 laps)-Fred Ryland, Travis Dutra, Dan Gonderman, Jason Robles, Jason Jennings, Dave Hill, Kellen Chadwick, Scott Foster, Andrew Pearce DQ, Joe Gallaher DQ.


Wingless Spec Sprints

Heat Winner (8 laps)-Shannon Newton. Main Event (20 laps)-Shannon Newton, James East, Zack Neeley, Bob Newberry, Rick Panfili DNS.

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