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Judge Issues Final Ruling, Declares Governor Newsom’s Abuse of Power Unconstitutional

Press Release

Photo by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley

Yuba City, CA – A California State Superior Court finalized its ruling Friday declaring that Governor Newsom abused his authority by changing state law in violation of the California Constitution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More importantly, Judge Sarah Heckman’s final ruling places a permanent injunction against the Governor which prevents him from unilaterally making or changing state law moving forward. The Court also denied Newsom’s request to delay the enforcement of today’s decision.

California Assemblymembers James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) and Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) brought the lawsuit against Governor Newsom.

Assemblyman Gallagher and Kiley said, “Today, the Court confirmed that Gavin Newsom does not rule California and that we are still a nation of laws. California as not been well-served by a one-man rule. A return to representative government will be best for public health and the economy. The Governor must accept this ruling as a fundamental principal of our democracy and govern himself accordingly.”

The Assemblymembers challenged the legality of Executive Order N-67-20 and the Governors ongoing abuse of separation of powers.


      • Draconian? Totalitarian? You right winger neocons should seriously turn off the Alex Jones and get some fresh air.

        • Draconian? Yes. Totalitarian? A bit of a stretch. Definitely authoritarian. But maybe Mr. Newell is just getting warmer up. He seems eager to exercise (earthly) authority, state law to the contrary be damned

          Troubling that a “pastor” would resort to name-calling and not show a little compassion for folks that have suffered unnecessarily under a government official that has been determined through due process of law to have acted outside of his legal authority. Perhaps a little less Romans 13:2 and a little more Ephesians 6:12 would help.

  1. He will probably be the next President the way this country is headed. His abuse is just a preview of what’s coming to what they use to call America.

  2. But precisely what state law(s) is he alleged to have “changed”? Give me the legal cite. This self-aggrandizing press release says nothing specific.

    • It is the law that issued vote by mail ballots and placed drop off boxes in convenient locations so we didn’t infect each other with covid. The suit was brought in by 2 young republicans probably Trump supporters. Rediculous, he did the right thing.

  3. The rules are for thee, not for me. Newsom gets to go out to fancy dinners, keep his winery business open through this whole thing, no problems. Must be nice to be the nephew of a career politician like Pelosi. But oh, he’s hip to all the buzz words like BLM, LGBTQ, systemic racism, etc. so let’s worship and excuse the hypocrite. Give me a break. Any Californian who doesn’t see past this slick talking douche bag contributes to the detriment of our state.

  4. I hope Newsom and party had a good dinner BEFORE they ventured out to The French Laundry and were charged $400 per person to eat rabbit food. Now, the desserts they serve are awesome, but the “tasting” menu you can have. I hope we didn’t have to pay for it, although Thomas Keller’s work is outstanding …. only the servings should be larger.

    • I like how you were like ” f*ck you , governor.”
      But, at the same time you give a shout-out/ props to the chef . It’s not his fault, right. Chef’s lives mat….

      Too soon. Sorry.

  5. Nothing will change. Newsome will continue to rule by fiat. The Democrats will just find a judge to rule in their favor.


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