Happy Independence Day to All


Just wanted to take a moment and say although there are no parades or fireworks, still wanted to wish you all a Happy Independence Day.

Stay safe!


  1. TO HELL WITH this INDEPENDENCE DAY and the scumbags setting off fireworks 24/7! These people don’t give a RAT’S ASS about any freedom nor independence! All they do is want to make noise — and bust people’s ear drums and set fires! SCREW THEM!

  2. There are fireworks alright! We have had them blasting off form the last 2+ weeks, even though they are not allowed in Contra Costa County. It’s fun to have a few go off at 2:30 am when you’re trying to get some sleep so you can feel decent at work!

  3. I have been spending weeks and weeks now keeping my poor pets from going stark raving crazy over these idiots setting off fireworks. No! It’s not a Happy Independence Day at all. “So, leave town with them,” I hear you say and what then? I turn to a burned down house? It’s 2:23 am right now and some moron is still setting them off.

  4. Likewise! What’s the damage report for last nights shenanigans? Any more fires? Accidents? Arrests? Drunk people fights?

  5. Cry me a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT! If y’all don’t like it then leave this great country…….Viva la U.S.A!

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