Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Use-of-force Bill

Press Release


SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 392 by Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego). The bill enacts one of the strongest use-of-force laws in the country.

AB 392 modernizes standards for use of deadly force by officers. Specifically, this bill updates the existing deadly force standards to provide that deadly force may only be used when necessary. AB 392 also requires officers to use other techniques to address threats instead of using deadly force when safe to do so, encouraging law enforcement to train on and use de-escalation techniques like verbal persuasion and other crisis intervention methods.

“This is a time for healing, progress and looking forward. The bill goes to the heart of some of our most sacred principles, in which force should be exercised judiciously, with respect for human life and dignity. The bottom line is that deadly force should only be used when absolutely necessary,” said Governor Newsom.

“With the Governor’s signature, we are closer to a culture of policing in California that values and preserves human life,” said Assemblymember Weber. “Working on this policy has been a high hill to climb, but what has lifted me up is the energy and the devotion of the families who have lost loved ones to these shootings. Our hope all along has been to save lives and to finally establish trust between law enforcement and communities of color.”

The provisions in AB 392 will be reflected in both law enforcement agency policy and officer training statewide, and will further ensure that all officers in California are trained to a higher legal standard. Use-of-force policies have remained largely unchanged since 1874.

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To watch the full press conference (47:51 minutes) on Periscope, click here.


  1. Don’t ask me what my relatives living in San Diego think of Shirley Weber! I thin Burk would not let it be printed and who could blame him!

    A police officer has a SECOND to ascertain a dangerous situation which might cost him or someone else their lives. He cannot stand there contemplating a pro and con or get into a philosophical discussion with the perpetrator.

  2. Cops should use more force, not less in confrontations with criminals who won’t obey instructions!

  3. Semantics and wasted legislation is what it is.The use of force will really not change much. The only thing this feel good grandstanding governor has done is put police officers in more danger of being killed or seriously hurt. Now if a cop hesitates, he or she has to debate in their mind if this is necessary. By that time they are shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, ran over, or who knows. The only thing this does is pacify the far left and make the governor feel good.

  4. So cops should not fire upon potential threats because arresting them and sending them to jailis more profitable than eliminating them from earth because of their potential to injure or kill innocent civilians. Seems like California alright.

  5. Hey Newsom! How about signing a law that states if you don’t cooperate with the police when they pull you over and give you instructions about what to do, you are committing a FELONY and will be prosecuted IF the cops don’t dispense with you first.

    The police had just a moment to make a decision whether to shoot or not to shoot. If they hesitate, then they are liable to lose their lives.

  6. THE best video on “How not to get your ass kicked by the police” is by CHRIS ROCK and you can watch it on Youtube. It’s hysterical!

  7. Wow the readers who have responded are truly not very educated people! Most of the time when police officers use deadly force it’s against an UNARMED individual and since CA has the most deadly interactions between the unarmed citizens and the police heres hoping that the people advocating more deadly force by the police are the the only ones the police are using the deadly force against! The truth is that when police are trained to use more than just their guns against the intoxicated, the mentally disabled and people of color then the police officers are safer and have a better life as well. Killing people doesn’t make police feel better, happier healthier police officers! The police in my community have never killed anyone and they don’t want to! Just because some of the people think they want violent abusive bullies on the police force who have zero skills to deesulate a tense situation doesn’t mean that we as a society should want that! And to those who think that way stay the heck out of law enforcement! We want Andy Griffin to police the country not the violent bullies!

    • Cry me a river Adam. No one wants anyone killed. Also, yes an officer has to live with it their entire life, so I don’t think they just shoot because they can. There are also unarmed people that have been shot but also brought it on by themselves by ignoring police directions in that situation. Finally there are a minute amount of unjust and/or accidental shootings that would happen no matter what feel good political law placed. The fact that our justice system is a revolving door contributes more to unexpected police shootings. Politicians should focus on mental institutions, and mandatory jail sentence improvement.

    • Hey Adam, I agree that there are some instances of police shootings are unjustified but you cannot generalize because not every shooting is racially motivated. I would recommend that you watch Police Activity on Youtube and Donut Operator.

    • Intoxicated, mentally disabled and people of color ARE less likely to cooperate with the police. Anyone who doesn’t cooperate with the police runs the risk of being shot. Including myself.

  8. Yet another crippling of law enforcement officers.
    The ONLY way to stop, or curb the crime, is to:
    1. Allow police to do their jobs, with ANY FORCE NECESSARY,
    2. Stop writing laws with protect criminals, you offing idiot governor.
    3. Carry out the sentences and punishments of the crimes committed. TOP GIVING PLEA DEALS TO CRIMINALS.
    4. Allow constitutional carry. More good people with guns reduces crime.

    See how easy it really is?

    Morons are ruining this state. Just take a look at newsomes latest work, San Francisco

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