Gipson Introduces AB 1196 to Eliminate Carotid Artery Restraint on Suspects

Press Release


SACRAMENTO, CA — In response to the death of George Floyd, Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson (D-Carson) has introduced AB 1196, making it illegal to use a carotid artery restraint tactic to forcibly detain a suspect. The bill is co-authored by members of the CA Black Caucus, Latino Caucus, API, and LGBTQ Caucus.

“The world watched as the 200 lb. weight of a police officer was leveraged on the neck of  George Floyd for over 8 minutes. Two other officers held him down and another watched as his body succumbed to the attack and went limp before expiring,” said Assemblymember Gipson.

“This dangerous technique compresses the carotid artery and stops blood flow to render the suspect unconscious. The deadly use of force technique can be performed using any object and can easily go wrong, this time it was a knee,” noted Gipson.

“We all witnessed this execution. This was far beyond the existing law that authorizes a peace officer to use reasonable force to effect the arrest, to prevent escape or to overcome resistance,” stated Gipson. “This bill specifically and clearly prohibits a law enforcement agency from authorizing the use of a carotid restraint.”

Gipson stated, “Speaking as a legislator and elected official, we have to do better. We have to hold those in authority accountable. Last year, the legislature passed AB 392 by Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) that mandated restrictions on the use of lethal force. After watching George Floyd’s murder, it’s clear we must do more.”

AB 1196 is now awaiting hearing before the CA State Senate.

As used in this legislation, “carotid restraint” means a vascular neck restraint or any similar restraint, hold, or other defensive tactic in which pressure is applied to the sides of a person’s neck for the purpose of restricting blood flow to render the person unconscious or otherwise subdue or control the person.


  1. So now every politician is trying to come up with some dumb law to further govern police. How about a law that governs people Not committing crimes so they dont have to get arrested.. oh wait…
    Dumbest , knee jerk, bull shit ever!

  2. You can make laws and waste all the paperwork you want. A bad cop is a bad cop. Stop the grandstanding and start rescinding obsolete and redundant laws if you want to be productive.

    • Jg, if you want to be productive you prosecute and punish these “bad cops”, give them comfy severance packages after comfy internal investigations. If you’re a cop and you’re reading this and consider yourself a “good cop” then finally do something about it and put these “bad cops” in the same chokeholds you terrorize you’re citizenry with.

      Thank you, Gipson.

  3. Somehow some people (including this politician) have made the leap from what the ex-officer in Minneapolis did (which was totally wrong) to outlawing the carotid restraint technique. What he did IS NOT the carotid restraint; it wasn’t a “mis application” of the technique. It’s done with your arms not your knees! and if done correctly (which officers are trained for), it works.

    If an officer handcuffs someone and illegally tightens the handcuffs and cuts off circulation and the person arrested lost their hands because of it, does that mean we should outlaw handcuffing suspects too?

    • John, if citizens need the police there is a phone number to call to reach them for help. It’s obvious the current paradigm of judge-jury-executioner is the problem at hand that’s being addressed across the globe. We don’t need swarms of police convoys rolling through our streets literally looking for any reason to pull you over. It’s moved from helpful security of serve & protect to literally Gestapo tactics of harassment. All they’re doing and all they’ve done is turn the common American people into their enemies. It’s time all our “good cops” came out of the closet and carotid restrain the necks that really matter.

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