German Shepherd Bites Woman at Brentwood Starbucks


Brentwood PD

The Brentwood Police Department has confirmed an earlier incident where a German Shepherd dog bit a woman on the arm at the Brentwood Blvd. and Balfour Road Starbucks this morning at approximately 8:34 am.

Police stated that fire personnel responded and administered first aid. Upon completion of treatment on scene, she was taken to Kaiser Hospital. County Animal Control went to the hospital to meet the victim prior to contacting the dog owner.

East Contra Costa Fire Protection District crews and American Medical response were on scene for 36-minutes.

At this time, we do not know the extent of the woman’s injuries but we wish her a speedy recovery.


  1. what else is behind the story? did the dog appear outta thin air,was it restrained? was it aproached? come on guys a little more investigative reporting.

  2. The lady left starbucks to go to her car and asked the owner if she could pet the german shepard and the dog attacked her while approaching to pet.

  3. Denise, yes it’s news. It’s small town news. If you find it boring go read the SF Examiner.

  4. Can you say.. So the F.. What ? Is this article suppose to get everyone excited because of the murdered pit bull? All you need is a scanner and some wanna be photographers to put half the shit up on this site. The best part here is when people start playing the race and welfare cards. Now that’s entertainment.

    • Just two days earlier you were commending him for the on the spot reporting in the officer involved shooting thread. Such is the nature of our schizophrenic trouble makers here. Must be the ‘roid rage kicking in again.

    • ECV’S brother-

      Can you possibly be any more of a douchebag?

      Guess not. What a f’@cking loser.

  5. This article highlights an incident in East County which emergency personnel responded to. If you can do better, go create your own site and do better or did you try that with your documents site and people ran far away from your crazy conspiracy theory.

    ECVSBrother, those who can’t do, criticize. Funny, for someone who spends so much time on this site providing the readers with misinformed information you are not one to talk about the type of information this site produces or how easy it is. I’ll take this site over any other in the area any day of the week.

  6. Maybe she deserved it. German Shepherds don’t just randomly attack people. Now Animal Control is going to charge them a shitload of money and make them build a gigantic $1000 enclosure to protect the dogs own backyard from them and they will abuse the dog in the process.

  7. @Mandy Animal Control only enforces the laws to protect animals and people. People who choose to keep their animals that are found to be a PDA (Potentially Dangerous Animal) are required to have a backyard safe enough to house the dog, so that the dog cannot get out and potentially hurt another animal or person. They do not have to build an enclosure, it would be their choice if they chose to do so. As far as the fee’s it is to penalize the owner for being irresponsible with their dog. This all will only happen if the dog is found to be a PDA in the first place. They is an investigation that will take place and all facts will be looked at to determine this.

  8. @jewel actually they will have to put the dog in a cage kuz my mother in laws dog was staying at someone’s house kuz she passed away and the manager of the place said the dog got out and ran up to her and bit her.which never happened no marks no nothing just a scar and we had to pay alot of money even tho we were in possession of the dog at the time and they said the only way we can get her back is if we build her a cage and she has to stay in it at all I’m pretty sure if a dog did bit someone they will have to do that.

    • @Jenn Based solely on your grammar I’d cage your dog too.
      @Jewel Thanks for the info.

  9. Police, fire, ambulance and hospital………….I think this woman took it a little too far. You get bit on the arm, report it and drive yourself to the hospital.

  10. Gosh. So many haters. Look, I have three dogs. A Rott, chihuahua, and Pomeranian. If you have an aggressive dog, don’t bring them to public places. People are going to want to pet your dog! If they are protective or aggressive, or skid dish, leave them home. It’s frustrating to me that someone would blame the lady for wanting to pet the dog, saying she did something wrong! Really? My Rottie is a sweetheart. We bring her places because she is not an aggressive dog, and is not a threat to people who want to pet her. I feel bad for the lady. There’s more irresponsible pet OWNERS out there than there are unpredictable pets.

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