Furry Friends Food Relief to Host Low Cost Vaccine Clinic, Provide Free Food


On Sunday, August 9 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, you are invited to join the Furry Friends Food Relief Program for a low cost Vaccine Clinic in Brentwood.

All vaccines – $5
Microchip – $10
Flea Meds – $10 (when available)
Free – De worming
Free – Food

You can apply for services ahead of time on our website at FurryFriendsFoodRe.wix.com/fffr . The event will be held at 4505 O’Hara Ave in Brentwood with check-in from 10:00 am or the first 80 people.

You can also review our vaccine protocols under our vaccine section. If you have proof of previous vaccine history, please bring that with you.

FREE FOOD Distribution

1. The FOOD PROGRAM doesn’t require any income guidelines, if you are in need, we take your word for it. Your animals do not have to be fixed prior to coming into our program. They do have to be altered within 3 months of being in our program and receiving food.

2. Once you have filled out an application with us either on line or if you are unable to do so ahead of time, at one of our distributions, you can come to get food. To receive food you will need to come to one of the distribution locations, you can find on our CALENDAR.

3. Come to the food distribution location and the volunteer will ask to see your ID and information on what animals are in the house. We do not discriminate on the number of animals in your house. We want to make sure that they are all fed. If you need assistance with vaccines and/or spay/neuter, we would love to help.

4. You will need to have proof of spay/neuter for EVERY animal in the household. If you do not have it with you, FFFR will allow 1 month of food so that the following month you can bring the proof of spay/neuter and register. You can obtain proof of spay/neuter from your records, registration with the county or from your vet – or a local vet can examine the animal (fees may apply). IF you need assistance with Spay/Neuter, we will give a 3 month grace period to it done. FFFR will not continue to serve food for pets or families without proof of spay/neuter. You can also get s/n verification at our vaccine clinics.

5. We TRY to give enough food to last the animals in the household for a month. This could vary, since all food is donated to FFFR.

6. You may come get food each month. If any information should change, please let us know.
Depending on supplies we may also distribute other pet items such as toys, bedding, leashes, collars, harnesses, clothing, crates, and litter.

You can sign up ahead on line at furryfriendsfoodre.wix.com/fffr. This doesn’t guarantee you a spot in line.


  1. This article was posted to distribute at 8:14 AM on Sunday. This gives anyone who may need this important service two hours to plan a visit. That is, of course, if they were awake on Sunday morning in time to read their email.

    24 hour notification should be the minimum for these articles to be effective.

  2. Furry Friends has a calendar on their site that lists their vaccination dates and other events for the next few months.

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