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Frazier’s Statement on Governor’s May Revise

by ECT

Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D-Fairfield), as a member of the Assembly Budget Committee, released the following statement about the Governor’s May Revision for the 2021-22 state budget:

“California has been through one of the most turbulent and difficult times in our history. Constant threat of wildfires, the COVID-19 pandemic and economic uncertainty. It is imperative we address these issues head on and ensure that California comes back stronger than ever. Governor Newsom has proposed an ambitious May Revised Budget that addresses these issues and more.

While there is still much more to be done in this area, I am pleased to see that the Governor has made investments in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities community by proposing a $2.9 million General Fund in 2021-22 to establish a training and certification program for direct service professionals tied to wage differentials. Further, as we have had to fight year after year, the Governor has proposed eliminating the suspension of the Provider Supplemental Rate Increase and lift the implementation of the Uniform Holiday Schedule.

Earlier this year, I submitted a proposal to our Assembly Budget Committee to eliminate the 7% cut to the In Home Supportive Services program. The Governor agreed with my request, and has included it in his budget.

As a Member of the Budget Committee, I look forward to continuing to fight for the people of California, and to come to censuses with the Legislature and the Administration on a common sense, responsible Budget that puts Californians back on the road to prosperity. We will not shy away from our problems, rather face them head on and offer real solutions.”

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