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Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer Announces Gubernatorial Run in California

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Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has announced his intention to run for California Governor on Monday.

Faulconer made the announcement in a video posted on his website which was also posted on YouTube.

“I’ve taken on promise breakers before. In San Diego we had waste, corruption, an incompetent, bullying mayor,” Faulconer said in the video. “But voters had the courage to overthrow the status quo,” he said.

His announcement comes as a recall effort on Governor Gavin Newsom is approximately 150k signatures short of qualifying for the ballot as they have more than 1.3 million signatures and need just 1.5 million to qualify for the ballot by mid-march.

About Kevin Faulconer

The 36th mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer is running for governor to restore California’s promise of liberty, equality, and opportunity. He has earned a reputation for returning ethics and integrity to public service and putting people above politics by focusing on the issues that matter to Californians.

A proven leader with a record of winning in California, Kevin Faulconer has been elected twice in a city with just 24 percent Republican voter registration – a mirror of the state as a whole – by uniting people of all parties and backgrounds.

Kevin isn’t a Sacramento insider or wealthy multi-millionaire. He started off cleaning carpets while attending state college. And just like the rest of us, he and his family have felt the effects of Gavin Newsom’s chaotic pandemic response. His wife, Katherine, had her small business devastated by the pandemic. Their children both go to public schools and have seen their education upended by the lack of leadership from the Governor’s Office.

From bringing California’s second largest city back from the brink of bankruptcy to getting San Diego back on track after it was rocked by a corrupt mayor, Kevin Faulconer is tested and ready to keep leading. As America’s only big city Republican mayor, he’s shown he can turn government around and return its focus to what’s important: serving you. As Governor of California, Kevin Faulconer will work for us – and restore balance to our state.

For more on Kevin Faulconer, visit him at: https://www.kevinfaulconer.com/

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