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Fairfield: Individual Arrested for Series of Pellet Gun and Pepper Spray Offenses

by ECT
Gregory Charles King

Fairfield Police say they have arrested Gregory Charles King in connection with multiple incidents of windows shot out by a pellet gun and some incidents involving victims assaulted with pepper spray.

Here is the release by Fairfield Police:

Over the months of November and December, Fairfield and neighboring communities experienced a number of incidents where citizens’ car windows were shot out with what was determined to be a pellet gun. The bulk of the incidents in Fairfield occurred in and around the Wood Creek neighborhood west of Interstate 80. These incidents shocked many as some believed it was an actual firearm being shot at them. While it wasn’t an actual firearm, a pellet gun can still inflict serious injury or death.

Through efforts by our patrol and investigative staff, along with partnering agencies, Gregory Charles King, a 34-year-old Fairfield resident has been arrested. The Fairfield Police Department has identified King in six separate incidents. Two of these attacks differed from the use of a pellet gun, where victims were assaulted with pepper spray. King has been arrested and booked into jail on two separate occasions associated to the known offenses, but has since bailed out of custody both times.

The Fairfield Police Department is notifying the public of this for two reasons. First, King could be a continued risk and threat to the community if he continues the same alleged behavior. We have attached a photograph of King, along with two known associated vehicles. Please be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to the Fairfield Police Department; or the correct authority if in another jurisdiction.

Secondly, there may be other incidents that have occurred we are unaware of. If you had a similar incident occur in Fairfield and have not reported it, please do so. If this is a new report that has not been filed with us yet, please call us at (707) 428-7300 and press 8.

If you have already reported it, but haven’t been contacted by a detective, please reach out to us at (707) 428-7600.

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