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Fairfield: 4 Arrested in Connection to Large Scale Illegal Marijuana Grows

by ECT

The Fairfield Police Department recently received information regarding residential homes within the City of Fairfield being used to cultivate marijuana.

In February detectives began an investigation based on the complaint, which ultimately led to the discovery of five residential homes being used illegally for indoor marijuana grows. Three houses were in Fairfield (3200 block of Torrey Pines Dr, 5200 block of Jacque Bell Ln, 5200 block of Klingsell Place), one in Vacaville (600 block of Purple Martin Dr) and one in Lathrop (16000 block of Settler Trail).

The investigation led to search warrants at all five locations on March 24th, 2021. The searches turned up 4,429 marijuana plants and an assault rifle. All five houses were heavily fortified with metal bars and doors. This fortification can create a safety hazard for law enforcement and fire personnel in the event there is an emergency and access is needed to preserve life and/or property.

A 48 year old and 38 year old from San Francisco, and a 45 year old and 48 year old from New York were arrested for the illegal cultivation and possession of marijuana for sales.

In many instances, cultivation locations result in electrical fires due to unsafe levels of excessive electricity pulled from tampered meters. The City of Fairfield has begun the process of bringing in legal retail, manufacturing and testing of marijuana to Fairfield.  Illegal marijuana cultivation’s are not only dangerous, but also make it difficult for those operating within the law to be successful.

If you suspect someone in your neighborhood is cultivating a large amount of marijuana inside of their home, please contact the Fairfield Police Department at (707) 428-7344.

Information released by Fairfield Police

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ThIs world is going to pot.

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He who stand in toilet is high on pot.

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