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Erik Elness Enters Assembly District 11 Race as “Write in Candidate”

Press Release

by ECT

Erik Elness, a Brentwood resident, announced he has been certified to run as a “write in candidate” for the Special Election for Assembly District 11 that was vacated by Jim Frazier when he resigned.  The Special Election will be held on April 5.

The only filed candidate in the race is Lori Wilson who is a Democrat and Suisun City Mayor.  Since his name is not on the ballot, voters must write in Erik Elness to vote for him.  Whoever wins this race will serve out the remainder of the term which runs through the end of the year.

Press Release:

On March 18.  Erik Elness, a 25 year Brentwood resident, filed paperwork with the Contra Costa County Elections Department and was certified as an official ‘Write In Candidate’ for the April 5th, 2022 Assembly District 11 Special Election.

The AD-11 assembly position was vacated when the prior Assemblyman, Jim Frazier, resigned 12/31/21.

Erik stated, ‘I decided to run as a write in candidate, because I wanted to give the hard working voters of our Solano and Contra Costa district a choice of who they want to vote for in this special election’.

Within several days of announcing his candidacy, Erik was unanimously endorsed by the Solano County Republican Central Committee and endorsed by CD-8 Congressional Candidate, Major Rudy Recile (U.S. Army, retired), former CD-9 Congressional Candidate Antonio Amador, and former AD-11 Assembly Candidate Dave Miller.

Erik was shocked to learn the CA Assembly Democrats voted last week against temporarily suspending .50 cents a gallon off the CA gasoline taxes.  Erik agreed with the bill to cut CA gas prices, adding ‘Government has grown bigger and more controlling, and individual liberty has been gradually taken from us.’

Erik also stated, ‘I’m ‘pro-choice’ when it comes to Covid vaccines and masks. I don’t believe our children should be forced to wear masks at school.

‘Sacramento politicians are out of touch with the needs of the people who live and work in our neighborhoods. I worked corporate jobs for 23 years and I’ve been a small business owner for nearly 13 years, running a successful family business with my wife. We deserve a representative in Sacramento in tune with the issues, concerns, and challenges facing families in our community. I support equal opportunity in education, with every child in every neighborhood receiving a quality education. I applaud successful public schools (my kids had a lot of great teachers in public schools!) but I believe families should have choices when it comes to home school or private/charter schools.’

‘I strongly support the U.S. Constitution and I will strongly oppose any new State laws that infringe on our Civil Rights, including our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I support our firefighters, local law enforcement officers and deputy district attorneys who work tirelessly to protect our Constitutional liberty and keep our neighborhoods safe!’

You can follow Erik’s campaign on Facebook at ‘Erik Elness for CA Assembly, District 11’ and follow him on Instagram at ‘erikelnessforassembly’.

To vote for Erik in the 4/5/22 Special Election, simply fill in the ‘bubble’ in the write in section and neatly print his name, ‘Erik Elness’ on the write in line.

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Deborah Apr 3, 2022 - 7:24 pm

I vote for ERIC ELNESS for assembly district 11.

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