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Episode 049: Antioch Police Officer Association President Steve Aiello

by ECT

On this episode, I chat with Steve Aiello, president of the Antioch Police Officers Association. We get into Measure W and the intent that was promised by the Antioch City Council as it was sold to residents and if it has the potential of becoming a bait and switch.

We talk about crime and how it is down 11.5%, how politics has entered law enforcement and what its doing to the profession. What the use of force bill could do to the industry. Why it is so hard for Antioch Police to hire cops and talk about how Aiello decompresses from the job each night.

Finally, how to get out of a ticket and get a warning.

Episode Overview:

  • 00:30 – Measure W talk, Crime, Blight, how does a POA President keep up with it all?
  • 01:28 – What is a Police Officers Association and what do they do?
  • 05:03 – does POA want more money or more officers so they can extend their careers due to work level?
  • 06:24 – Is Measure W becoming a bait & switch with all this talk about youth programs?
  • 09:21 – Youth Program spending/services and where would the Measure W actually go?
  • 12:07 – Police Chief reports crime is down 11.5%, as we get into Measure W, does it get into a scenario where people think the needs are not as great? We chat about traffic officers, CSO’s and volunteers.
  • 17:25 – Any response to Letter to Editor by AUSD School Board Member Ellie Householder?
  • 19:10 – Gangs and youth violence in Antioch?
  • 20:08 – from the POA standpoint, are you guys doing more social policing these days such as homeless outreach through the community engagement team?
  • 22:50 – Is Antioch inviting homeless to stay and is it false rhetoric?
  • 24:50 – Illegal dumping in Antioch
  • 25:38 – Antioch Police Officers have a lot of hats, is it hard to get to everything on each shift? What is unique about Antioch Police? Antioch is not even at 1 officer per 1,000 residents. The only department with less officers per thousand than Antioch is Murrieta out of Southern California.
  • 28:39 – Politics has entered law enforcement and appears politicians are bending over backwards for criminals. Does APOA think that after seeing what is passed by the California State Legislator?
  • 34:57 – Measure W and the 80% to police may or may not happen because it wasn’t promised even though intention by 4 of them was stated. What a safe community would mean for Antioch.
  • 41:14 – What would the California Use of Force proposal and what it would do to law enforcement? We get into how officers work towards de-escalation.
  • 46:20 – Governor Newsom ridding California of the death penalty.
  • 47:30 – Why is it so hard for Antioch Police to hire police officers? What are you looking for?
  • 51:03 – What would get a new hire in field training terminated?
  • 54:20 – Where does the POA stand on “dirty cops”?
  • 56:55 – Steve Aiello explains why he become a police officer. Number of arrests and shares the fastest he ever had been in a police pursuit. On making a difference in peoples lives.
  • 1:03:00 – Aiello shares how he decompresses with the stress of the job.
  • 1:07:15 – How do people get out of a ticket and just get a warning?


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