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Episode 038: Janet Frazier & The Network of Care

by ECT

On this episode, I chat with Janet Frazier of The Network of Care. She shares the story of how the death of a child forever changed her life which triggered the launch of The Network of Care. The importance of “me” time and non-profits networking together with one another.


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Her daughters, Stephanie (age 20) and Lindsey (age 17) were involved in a tragic car accident. Her oldest daughter Stephanie did not survive the accident; our youngest daughter Lindsey was in critical condition. She shares how she didn’t eat for almost three days until a nurse provided a half of a sandwich to her which gave her the idea to launch the non-profit.

The Network of Care provides in-hospital meal bags for families who are keeping a vigil over their sick or injured child. Because these families may not have the time, energy, or presence of mind to look after their own needs while they are concerned about their child, our Network provides gifts of food to sustain their strength, support and comfort.

For more on The Network of Care, visit them at: www.thenetworkofcare.org

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