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ECT Launched Our New Podcast… And Why!

by ECT

This is pretty straight forward… I’ve decided to launch a podcast. Still, some folks seem confused so I figured I’d make a video on why and what the Contra Costa Today show will be about.

Nothing on ECT is going to change… other than we will now do an audio podcast that we hope by later this spring will be released every weekday which means we are now booking guests in an effort to provide our readers with more depth around the Contra Costa County and San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are interested in being on the show… lets chat… see details below.

Side Note – be sure to check out our YouTube channel, it will be more behind the scenes stuff as well as tips & tricks for marketing, outreach, technology and video from incidents that may not make it on this website. Please do us a favor and hit subscribe!

Mike B


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Become a Guest:
With more than a million people in Contra Costa County, there are millions of stories to be told and would love to possibly share your story to our audience. Expect to spend about an hour taping the episode which is taped out of Antioch, CA.

The Pitch:

  1. Why would our listeners want to hear your story/topic?
  2. List of potential talking points of the episode.
  3. Brief resume/overview about who you are and what you have accomplished.

Note – while some of these may not make the podcast, perhaps we can turn it into a story on our website.

All submissions should be sent to [email protected] for review.

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