ECCFPD to Vote to Finalize Task Force Recommendations, Supervisor Conditions


Monday night, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District comes full circle where they will decide whether to move forward or not with a plan to open a fourth fire station and explore a 2016 ballot initiative.

The meeting will shape the future of the fire district based off a self-appointed multi-jurisdictional task force who worked to seek solutions for the Districts financial and service model issues. The task force took the initiative to involve city’s and the county after the fire board twice failed on find funding relief and had little movement in both a short-term and long-term solution.

Under the plan, the Task Force proposed to seek $2.2 million in funding between the ECCFPD ($873,978), City of Brentwood ($666,000), City of Oakley ($382,202) and Contra Costa County ($311,617) to re-open a previous closed fire station as a stop gap until more long-term fund could be made available through a ballot. The station most likely to be re-opened is Knightsen Station 94.

According to Brentwood City Manager Gus Vina, since the opening of the fourth station will most likely occur in March/April 2016, there is a projected savings of $372,000 which will be applied to the costs
associated with the master planning and 2016 ballot initiative exploration.

After a presentation on November 2, the ECCFPD Board accepted the recommendation in a 6-2 vote. At November 10 meetings with the City of Brentwood and City of Oakley, both councils approved the recommendation unanimously without terms or conditions.

At the November 17 Contra Costa County Board of Supervisor meeting, the task force recommendations were approved on a 4-1 vote with Supervisor Andersen voting against the proposal. The Board of Supervisors also added a number of conditions which they said should have already been implemented years ago.

The Board of Supervisor recommendations include:

  • The fourth station commissioned be the Knightsen station per the Fire Chief’s recommendation
  • That as part of exploring a 2016 Ballot Initiative, such initiative would include
  • The ECCFPD become an independent district with an elected board
  • The ECCFPD change its name to make it clear it is not a “county” agency
  • That a citizen’s oversight committee be established to oversee implementation of changes as a result of a successful revenue measure.

If you go:

Meeting begins at 6:30 pm at 3231 Main Street in Oakley. (Oakley City Hall)

Task Force Members

The Task Force, who had been meeting since June, was comprised of City Managers, fire chiefs, and local stakeholders. The members include:

  • Gustavo (“Gus”) Vina, Brentwood City Manager
  • Bryan Montgomery, Oakley City Manager
  • Tomi Riley, Chief of Staff for Supervisor Piepho
  • Krystal Hinojosa, Chief of Staff for Supervisor Mitchoff
  • Vince Wells, President, IAFF Local 1230
  • Gil Guerrero, Vice President, IAFF Local 1230 and ECCFPD Fire Captain
  • Bob May, Representative, IAFF, Local 1230 and ECCFPD Fire Engineer
  • Jeff Carman, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Fire Chief
  • Brian Helmick, ECCFPD Battalion Chief
  • Hugh Henderson, ECCFPD Fire Chief

Editors Notes – Other Items in Play

  • We are hearing at least one Board Member are a “no vote” based on the County Supervisor recommendations.
  • The City of Brentwood is in the process of appointing members of its ECCFPD Seats.
  • The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors can replace its two representatives at anytime depending on tonight’s vote.
  • the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors unanimously last month to begin a process to detach six overlapping tax rate areas by the Discovery Bay Community Services District and the Byron-Bethany Irrigation District, a total of $684,246 could be potentially reallocated to one or more of the other affected taxing agencies. If the process goes smooth, the District could get a full 100% of that money or a portion within 6-months.


  1. How about a third group of in play ideas? Do the last two reapportion tax revenue, run with what is collected, and add a third modest tax. This article should include the ECCFPD is going to to several more thousands on another study.

    • local, I’m hearing there is a single group effort that’s moving forward with all three ideas. A modest tax needs to be put in place to keep the district from dissolving, reopen stations to an acceptable level and seek realignment of property taxes collected. The ECCFPD needs to stop spending OUR $$$ doing mindless studies and let the task force take the lead.

      Git ‘R done!

  2. Could someone please explain why CCCFPD and ECCFPD are treated different with respect to governance and one getting to keep its name? Why is it ok for the bos to govern one and not the other? Why does CCCFPD get to keep its name that has a higher level of inference as the name that the bos says has to be changed? Name changes are not free …who will pay for the costs?

    I get that ECCFPD was organized after CCCFPD and that it was a combination of multiple entities but their mission is to serve ‘part’ of the county just like CCCFPD serves ‘part’ of the county. So why the different treatment? Who made the original decisions that are being undone? Why didn’t the bos make these changes at the exact time they decided to no longer be the governing body? It seems to me the bos is still controlled by the same 3 people now as it was then….. why didn’t they do what they are now demanding when they themselves had the chance?

    • Jb,
      From what I have seen they are two separate fire departments created differently during two differing times. The recommendation for name change has gained momentum and has been explained rather well. I’m not sure why but the confusion about the department’s identity is exacerbated in east county. It could be as simple as that. It’s just not so problematic in certral county. If it helps resolve a problem, the costs is minimal and it has broad based support, I fail to see why it would hurt. It’s been done before and wasn’t any confusion on who ran the department under the former name, East Diablo. Who will pay for the costs? That’s an easy one, the fire district will. They were just handed over a million dollars by the 2 cities and the county.
      I’m not sure I understand your comment about who made the decisions that are being undone. From what I have learned, the conditions put forward were requested from the beginning. They just never got around to doing them. Now they are a condition of moving forward and appear for all intents and purposes to have support from just about everyone. I read somewhere that the Supervisors could not condition the transfer of the department at the time it was handed over. My research indicates at least two of the conditions, funding and election of a board were specified in documents going back almost a decade. I hope that answers some of your many questions.

      • Sorry to say so but if one were to stand back and look at this entier situation from a distance the term ‘circle-jerk’ would likly come to mind. And it is beyond me how the people of DB, who have had millions of tax dollars misdirected for many years, can be so content all while the level of public saftey in their community has been significantly comprimsed. All of these issues seem to point right back to an inept bos.

        • jb, aptly put, but out of context. You see you have to stand back and look from a distance. Why? Because you don’t live in Discovery Bay, you DON’T live in the fire district or even the State of California.

          The term circle jerk comes to mind for one reason only, YOU are stuck on stupid because you blame everything you don’t comprehend on the Board of Supervisors. Over and over which is the epitome of a circle jerk. jeffe, it isn’t healthy behavior. You really don’t know what a Board of Supervisors is responsible for. But how could you, since you are too busy making unqualified opinions. Not much of a listener are you jeffe?

          The real issue always points right back to an inept jb. I really wonder if you will ever come to grips with what is so clear to everyone else. You are a psychologist’s wet dream. Ask yourself jeffe, how is it that you think are so qualified but haven’t learned a damned thing? Your condition has a name. You just refuse to get help on account of your deep rooted denial. Maybe if someone actually cared about you, or if you could self analyze..but that would be asking a lot and you haven’t really earned that have you?

          Good luck Jeff. You need it.

          • There it is……. Gee wiz Nor, clue, boo, Do you have to be so condescending to people or are you just always an a.

          • Local (eastern),

            Oh looky, there you are again with your ridiculous comments. I see that jb (someone who presumably doesn’t live here and has nothing to offer) popped off with calling a local situation that is apparently being addressed, a “circle jerk” and then finished with calling the board off sups “inept” for something they have nothing to do with. But did you address that? Nope, of course not. It doesn’t fit your little f’ed up agenda. You jumped on your little pony and tried your best to play your own pity card. That doesn’t fly.

            Act like a d-bag and you will get treated like a d-bag. The fact that the truth comes across as condescending is just an awesome by-product. You must get that all day, everyday!

            Thanks for the two-fer.

    • Wait for it……oh wait, don’t have to! Bawhahahahaaaa!

      It looks like our “local” crybaby tried to preempt any facts that differed with his awkward take on things. Psssst, it doesn’t work troll. Keep acting like a dumbazz and you will get treated like one. It’s really up to you.

  3. Why would anyone bother? Everyone knows jb doesn’t even live/vote in the fire district or the State of California. That’s neither degrading or negative. After reading his diatribe, I’m reminded what a joyful thing that is. 🙂

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