East Contra Costa Fire Reports 70 Citations, 100lbs of Fireworks Seized on July 4 Detail

East Contra Costa Fire Press Release

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Brentwood, CA — As expected, hot, dry, and windy conditions were present for the night of the 4th of July.  Also expected were the insurmountable number of illegal fireworks throughout the District causing property loss, burn injuries to a four-year-old and his father, and a large amount of vegetation burning.

With our limited resources of three stations instead of the six we should have today, ECCFPD firefighters were responding to a number of fires with one engine only and having to wait for additional resources to become available as early as 5:00 P.M. and throughout the night.

A recap of the night’s activities by both the District and our allied Police Agencies are:

  • 114 calls for service
  • 29 calls for fire
  • 2 burn injuries to a child and father
  • $20,000 property loss
  • 125 acres consumed by fire
  • A total of 70 citations issued
  • A total of 100 lbs. of fireworks seized

“We appreciate that everyone wants to celebrate the Independence Day holiday, but these are the realities of the damaging effects those illegal fireworks have on our communities.” Fire Marshall Aubert stated.

Learn more at www.eccfpd.org .

Law Enforcement agencies included: Brentwood Police Department, Oakley Police Department, Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office, CHP


  1. Not very much fireworks seized and citations issued given the blatant and widespread open use of the fireworks. How about showing what the 18 officers from Oakley confiscated and citations issued on the 4th while enforcing the fireworks ban. Doesn’t appear much enforcement when the number of COVID citations of restaurants outnumber these.

  2. Why didn’t the cops go after the morons who made a total mess of the area near the Antioch middle school? How about those who totally trashed the Viera/Cavallo area! They were called and the exact location was given to them. STILL no one showed up! This is ridiculous!

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    I am renting space in someones head when they post using my name in an attempt to slander me somehow….lol!

    Hello Dana Roach!

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