East Contra Costa Fire Average Response Time in March at 8:19 Minutes


The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District will report this week at their monthly meeting that in the month of March, they had 618 service calls with an average response time of 8:19 minutes.

In the month of February, the District ran 648 calls with a response time of 8:17 minutes. In calendar year 2019, the District has an average response time of 8:19 minutes for 7,679 calls and in 2018 had a time of 8:16 minutes for 7,719.

During the month of March, the District responded to 7 residential structure fires, 1 commercial structure fire, 2 vehicle fires, 0 large vehicle fires, 2 vegetation fire and 13 exterior fires. The District also responded to 17 vehicle crashes with an additional 5 requiring rescue. They also had 3 vehicle vs. pedestrian calls, 1 motorcycle crashes, and 2 bicycle accident.

According to the District, here is a breakdown of the Calls for Service by Station in the month of January:

  • Engine 52 (Brentwood) ran 39% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 274 times
  • Engine 53 (Oakley) ran 37% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 263 times.
  • Engine 59 (Discovery Bay) ran 18% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 128 times.
  • CALFIRE assisted in 2% of the calls for 15 rollouts.
  • Auto Aid assisted in 4% of the calls for 27 rollouts.
  • Mutual Aid received assisted in 0% of the calls for 1 rollout.

Average Response Time by Service Area:

  • Bethel Island – 14:24 Minutes (29 calls)
  • Discovery Bay/Byron – 11:13 Minutes (75 calls)
  • Marsh Creek – 10:33 Minutes (14 calls)
  • Knightsen – 9:13 Minutes (26 calls)
  • Brentwood – 7:32 minutes (286 calls)
  • Oakley – 7:09 Minutes (174 calls)

In the month of February, the District received auto aid from Contra Costa Fire 27 times with them sending a total of 41 engines with 17 arriving on scene. Meanwhile the District sent CONFIRE auto aid 29-times for 32 engines which 17 arrived on scene.

Full Report: Click here


  1. I’m confused. If Engine 59 is in Discovery Bay, why is the average response time for Discovery Bay/Byron over 11 minutes?? These are both areas with small population and square mileage compared to Brentwood/Oakley. So since there is an engine stationed there, shouldn’t the response time be shorter than average? Or am I reading or understanding this wrong?

    • With 3 engines… the engine in Discovery Bay is not always in Discovery Bay. It could be anywhere in the District. The station location in Discovery Bay does not help either.

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