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District Attorney’s Issue Statement Condemning Recent Violence Against Asian Americans

by ECT

On Monday, Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton joined other District Attorneys in the Bay Area to issue a statement condemning the recent violence against Asian Americans.

Becton joined Lori Frugoli (Marin County), Jeff Rosen (Santa Clara County), Nancy O’Malley (Alameda County), Stephen Wagstaffe (San Mateo County) and Chesa Boudin (San Francisco)

According to the joint statement of Bay Area District Attorneys:

“We stand in unity with our communities to decry the targeted violence against Asian Americans, especially older Asian Americans. We urge all members of our community to report to the police if a crime is committed against them or someone they know. We commit that the Victim Witness Advocates in each of our offices will provide support and where we can, resources to those who are victims. Even if the perpetrator is not identified or caught, we will still provide vital services to address the trauma suffered by the victim.”

The Victim Witness Assistance Program is available to assist victims of crime at 925-957-8650.

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Lockeness Mar 30, 2021 - 8:19 am

Ummmm… this statement is pointless. Isn’t this what we do for All victims ?

I’m over the PC agenda of condemning everything.

Jg Mar 30, 2021 - 9:56 am

Condemn all you want, until you get tough on criminals they will continue to prey on people.
Soft prosecution
No bail
Early release
And so on……

Kim Shaw Mar 30, 2021 - 12:14 pm

Of course it’s horrible that the older Chinese are being targeted by criminals However, this would have not happened had the younger ones condemn their ancestral country for distributing a deadly virus to just about all the countries of the world. The virus originated in CHINA and it was weaponized there! Chinese scientists and medical people who managed to escape from have attested to that. Calling it “COVID” is just a ruse to fool people to think it did not come from CHINA. But it DID! I use the term CHINESE VIRUS and just let someone try to stop me!

Robert C. Mar 30, 2021 - 12:18 pm

ALL of her statements are pointless. Just another politician trying to stay in the headlines.

Unbelievable Mar 30, 2021 - 1:50 pm

It should read, “Even if the perpetrator IS Caught and we decide not to file charges against him because he/she needed the money they stole from you or is too young to have a fully developed brain therefore we will use every excuse in the book for him/her…..”

Two Wheeler Mar 30, 2021 - 3:19 pm

Time to step up and file hate crime charges? Time to get tougher on crime? Time to stop sleeping at your desk, Ms Becton?

Lola Saavedra Apr 1, 2021 - 2:48 pm

TWO WHEELER — The exact opposite is happening where now many crimes which fell under FELONIES have been reduced to MISDEMEANORS and felons are being let out. So, your “time to get tougher” is falling on deaf ears with those in authority. The term “hate crime” is redundant.

Eric Tan Apr 2, 2021 - 6:01 pm

Why don’t you issue a statement to the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department to stop denying concealed carry permits to law abiding citizens. You want to put an end to this nonsense give them the right and means to defend themselves.

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