District Attorney Diana Becton Receiving “Threats” After Hate Crime Filing Decision


In response to two Martinez residents being charged with a hate crime, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office has confirmed “threats” have been made against District Attorney Diana Becton.

The threats came in the form of phone calls, electronic messages and on social media.

The threats come after Nicole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, were charged with three misdemeanor counts, including a hate crime, for their alleged actions on July 4 where they painted over a Black Lives Matter Mural in downtown Martinez.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Nelson and Anderson arrived at the scene of the mural after it was completed with paint supplies. Anderson started to paint over the yellow letters “B” and “L” in the word “Black.” She used black paint and a large paint roller to do so.

In a statement Tuesday, District Attorney spokesperson Scott Alonso confirmed the threats and said an investigation is active.

“Last week our Office was the subject of threats due to the filing decision involving the alleged July 4 hate crime. There was extreme and divisive language used against our Office on social media, from phone calls we received and from other electronic messages. As the criminal case is very active and in its early stages we cannot discuss this case further,” said the District Attorney’s Office in a statement.

Contra Costa County Sheriffs spokesperson Jimmy Lee said in a statement that any threat against an elected official is a serious matter that needs to be immediately reported to their local law enforcement agency for follow up and investigation.

No other information was made available.


  1. Providing a permit to cover a public street in a political message is plain dumb. This entire fiasco by the city has created these results. It is sad how government abuses its power for political purposes when it should remain neutral.That should be investigated too.

    • You are correct about a big error on the part of City of Martinez politicians. The predictable
      “counter-protest” occurred in the form of the black paint vandals, then we have the counter-counter demonstration and the counter-counter-counter demonstrations to that.

      The city government has made Martinez the stage for all the nutjobs (who don’t give a damn about Martinez) to act on and the losers are the citizens of Martinez. Lesson learned, politicians?

  2. It sounds like she’s making it up. What kind of threats were made? Are people “threatening” to vote her out of office? She belongs to BLM, they make things up to stir up trouble. There are many false allegations of threats and abuse by this marxist group and Becton is as corrupt as they come. This reminds me of the Jussie Smollet case, and the Bubba “noose” case.

  3. Let’s not forget tho funded her campaign against Paul Graves….Mr. George Soros. No wonder martinez is a national news, this is all being funded by an international billionaire…better question is why would he do that?

    • Your logic train ran off the tracks. Neither George Soros nor the DA was responsible for the City Of Martinez’ decision to allow the street mural?

    • How in the f**k did George Soros come into this? Maybe Bill gates, too! BOO!!! Scared you

      • LoveableCurmudgeon, to answer your question: George Soros came into this by donating for Becton’s campaign to get her elected as DA. And we all know G. Soros suppports globalism, unrest, and destabilization of the USA.

      • It’s Soros’ organization, the ACLU and Amnesty International along with Southern Poverty Law Center are the ones who are underwriting these events. When confronted, they sure don’t deny it There are 30 other group (some you’ve never heard of) which also contribute money to start problems.

  4. See what happens when you get a “progressive” DA? they let the rioters paint political messages on public property and call it a mural, but if you paint over it you get charged with a hate crime. I wonder how many other causes will be able to paint their slogans on public property? if they don’t get permission, the county should be sued for free speech violations.

  5. JG is correct. But we need to take it a step further. A protest just on the approval of a political message by a city is our grievance and nothing else. No other topics need to be added to the protest. Focus just on the approval of the mural. Do the protest just during the trial of this couple. Again with no comments on the couple’s actions our the sentence that should be handed down by the courts. No doubt this trial will make National news and the protest will too.

  6. The mural was approved and the permit was given. Thise people didnt have the right to paint over that mural. Did they get a permit to paint over it…no!! He did the process proper. My daughter works at that district attorneys office along with many other peoples family members and I take these threats seriously. People cant make threats just because they dont agree with something another person says. They took it upon themselves to remove the mural. Would they have painted over it if it said white lives matter or anything other tham the blm statement. They are wrong and they are getting punished. The authorities need to take these threats seriously God forbid something happend to my child and it is good to know where the views of the community are at. But what if it were where you family member worked. Would you be feeling the same way….DOUBT IT.

    • YES! If this “mural” read WHITE LIVES MATTER, it should have been painted over. This is a public street, in case you didn’t realize, Tonya! Do you know what PUBLIC means?

      The Martinez city idiots really goofed and many here are totally disgusted with them! It takes 40 days to get a permit from the city and these idiots gave it to the BLM cretins in TWO DAYS! Court Street is a PUBLIC street. It is maintained by us, the taxpayers of our city!

      The people who were painting over that “mural” were covering up VANDALISM! GRAFFITI! They should have used thick TAR and had 16 people assigned to paint over EACH letter.

      The people who attempted to paint over this atrocity should insist on a JURY TRIAL! Let’s see what the outcome will be. They did not commit a felony. It is just a misdemeanor. Do you know the difference Tonya? Maybe your daughter’s boss can look up the meaning of “misdemeanor” … I realize that most attorneys who go work for cities are not very bright and can’t sustain a private practice.

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