Discovery Bay Earth Day Highlights Need to Protect Delta


Here are a few photographs from Saturdays 2nd Annual Discovery Bay Earth Day event which had plenty of kid friendly activities with crafts and games at the Discovery Bay Community Center.  Assemblyman Jim Frazier and Contra Costa County Supervisor Mary Piepho were on hand to share their thoughts on Earth Day, but more importantly, shared their love of the Delta and how they are fighting to protect it.

On a side note, Community Services Director Kevin Graves took me to a plot of land that will be used for a community garden. The planting beds were build in the morning and can be rented out for $100 which includes water in that cost.  So far, four of the planting areas have been reserved.


  1. Great photos of Frazier, Piepho and Graves. Where was the crowd? I agree with JimSimmons42, Judging from your photos Burk, it doesn’t look well attended at all. What is up with that?

    • The elected officials spoke around 5:00 pm which by that time they went into music and BBQ mode. From what I heard, it was “well attended” during the day. Another issue may have been (pure speculation on my part) was a fundraiser down the street scheduled at the same time as the Earth Day event… someone wasn’t checking community events as you had to of them going on at the same time.

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