Discovery Bay CSD Set to Discuss Building New Pool at $1.3 Million Cost

Photo taken from Terracon Facility Condition Assessment Report

On Wednesday night, the Town of Discovery Bay Community Services District will discuss the idea of eliminating, refurbishing or building a new community center pool.

According to the staff report, the CSD is being presented with three options:

  1. Eliminate the pool: fill it with dirt for future landscape or other alternate use. The cost is $120,750.
  2. Refurbish the pool: To date, they have spent $92,230 on the pool and additional costs would be $168,305 to completer with a total estimated cost of $260,534.
  3. Build a new pool: this would be a larger pool at a cost of $1,391,212.

The report states the Parks and Recreation Committee is recommending Option 3 of building a new pool to allow more aquatic programming choices which they say will offer more cost recovery opportunities.

According to the Finance Committee:

Finance Committee recommends paying for Pool Option #3 (estimated$1,391,212) with funds from Hofmann Settlement in the amount of $820,472andborrow balance of $570,741from Wastewater. Pay back of the funds borrowed from Wastewater would be pursuant to a loan with a 10-Year term in annual increments of $57,074. The source of funds to repay the proposed loan would be from amounts remaining in the Hofmann Settlement, Hofmann Settlement accrued interest, and Community Center Reserves (if needed). The 10-year payback allows for greater cash flow and financial flexibility

  • Hofmann Settlement Fund Balance (at end of 10 years): $0
  • Community Center Reserve Balance: $286,336 (if up to $45,638 is used)

The staff report also stated the pool operations and staffing expenses would increase by $51,270 to $136,035,  however, they say projected pool revenue estimates come in at $83,500 which is up from the previous year where the revenue was at $21,678.

If you go:

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
7:00 pm
Community Center at 1601 Discovery Bay Blvd.
Town of Discovery Bay

Full Staff Report:

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