Brentwood Releases Draft City Council District Maps, Set to Discuss


The City of Brentwood has released its first set of potential maps for District elections and will host a meeting Wednesday night to take comments on the draft maps.

The council, who voted in January to move forward with District Elections for all four city council seats, is now tasked with approving maps for the 2020 election at a cost that could reach $180k. The mayors seat will still be determined by an at-large election.

The move came after The City received a certified letter in November, 2017, from Mr. Scott Rafferty, a Walnut Creek attorney representing the Bay Area Voting Rights Initiative (BAVRI). The letter alleged the occurrence of “racially polarized voting” in Brentwood and threatened litigation if the City declined to voluntarily convert to district-based elections for council members.

The city could ultimately pay Rafferty up to $30,000 for simply sending the letter to cover his plaintiffs costs and attorney fees.

When creating maps, the City of Brentwood will have to take into consideration the following:

  • Districts must be contiguous
  • Districts should be nearly equal in population
  • Other criteria that may be used include respecting communities of interest and neighborhoods, and following natural and man-made geography and topography

Once Brentwood approves the maps later this year and the election is held, they get to do this process all over with new census data for the 2022 election.

Here is a look at all four map options:

Special City Council Meeting
When: April 3, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: City Council Chambers, 150 City Park Brentwood
More info: click here

Upcoming Meetings on District Elections:

  • April 3: Public hearing to present and take comment on the draft map or maps.
  • May 1: Public hearing to present and take comment on the draft map or maps.
  • June 25: The City Council will introduce an ordinance approving the final map and district boundaries.
  • July 9: The City Council will consider adopting the ordinance.


For more information on the District Elections process: click here