Diane Becton to be District Attorney After Paul Graves Concedes


On Thursday, Paul Graves issued a statement saying he has called District Attorney Diana Becton and congratulated her on the election while conceding.

An update by Contra Costa County Elections Wednesday showed that Diana Becton sits at 50.49% (94,663) while Paul Graves sits at 42.18% (79,081). Becton’s lead is now 15,582 votes. Lawrence Stevens Strauss is at 7.33% (13,739 votes). Becton was less than a 1,000 votes away from a majority.

Becton, a retired judge, now becomes the first woman elected as District Attorney in Contra Costa County.

Today, Graves issued the following statement in a letter to his supporters:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Nearly all the votes have been counted, and although it is very close, it is unlikely we will have a runoff in November.  This afternoon, I called Diana Becton to congratulate her on her expected election as District Attorney.

I am grateful for the support of Contra Costa’s law enforcement community and firefighters, Marc Klaas, and the support and confidence of my fellow prosecutors.  I have been especially moved by the survivors who have reached out to reconnect, and in doing so reminded me why I am a prosecutor. Most of all, I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from friends and my family, most of whom already knew that I was probably a better prosecutor than a politician.

I want to say to all my supporters that your dedication to this campaign has been humbling and inspiring, and I complete this chapter knowing that I would do it all over again for the privilege of fighting the good fight alongside you all. We didn’t just fight for “change,” we fought for the right change, and I know that we will continue to fight for the safety of our communities and justice for crime victims.

Most of all, we can be proud of our effort and that we maintained our integrity throughout this election, including the appointment process. The District Attorney’s office is an office built on trust, and we met our obligation to the people of Contra Costa with the type of campaign we ran from start to finish – armed with real knowledge, focused on real issues, and fueled by real, local grassroots support.

Now we must come together and support our newly-elected District Attorney for the sake of Contra Costa residents who are counting on us to put politics aside for their benefit and safety.  This campaign has ended, but our worthy cause continues in our courtrooms every day. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

Paul Graves


  1. Graves lost, even with all the police endorsements. To me, this is another sign law enforcement is out of touch with the community. Be personable…..Get out of your cruiser, remove your Oakley sunglasses, smile, and shake hands. Thats all it takes.

  2. Becton becoming DA is very very disturbing. Crime will be through-the-foot. Brace yourselves! I’m serious!

  3. Graves should have never conceded! He and Becton should run against each other in November. Quite a few people who voted for her this month, have changed their minds. This whole thing should be reopened.

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